#708) Two Conversations About Stuffing

A young woman, Carol, has been dating a young man, Ted, for just a few weeks. Everything about their budding relationship is new and fresh and sweet, like a dewy rose blossom, from the way they considerately talk or constantly smile or continually kiss. It is also often raw and earthy and fertile; they are both kinky and highly sexed.
At about eight A.M. on Thanksgiving morning, they shared the following conversation.
“I love how you wear that apron and nothing underneath!” Ted enthuses.
“I thought you might, in case you want to kiss my ass, or spank it, or…”
They kiss and fondle, but eventually return to the task at hand because they are on a timetable.
“I notice that you make dressing instead of stuffing. My mother always stuffed it up the turkey’s backside,” he observes.
“I read where, if it isn’t cooked well, that stuffing can carry germs from inside the bird. So I thought this would be better…”
Ted sees that this is a battle not worth fighting. He’s willing to compromise on this one. He reconciles himself to starting a new tradition with his new love.
At about eight P.M. that same day, after they’ve eaten their fill, both at dinner, and with turkey Dagwood sandwiches in front of the TV watching football, they share this conversation.
“Do you wanna undress me?” she coquettishly teases.
“Yes!” he responds, and starts removing layers.
“Do you wanna fuck me?” she smiles.
“Very much!” and he starts frolicking on the playground that is her nubile body.
“Do you wanna… fuck me… up the butt tonight?”
“Oh, Carol, yes! Turn over…”
“That’s it, lube me up back there, yes…”
“God, you’re so tight and hot and…”
“No, don’t put on a condom, Teddy. Raw dog me, darling. It’ll be hotter this way…”
“But there are germs in there…”
“Just take a piss afterward, it’ll be okay. I want you to stuff my butt with cock, then cram me full of your cream!”
Ted sees that every discussion with Carol can have a happy ending, as long as he’s willing to compromise. He says nothing, just channels his angst into the foreplay-spanking he administers to those cherubic cheeks.

5 responses to “#708) Two Conversations About Stuffing”

    • I don’t understand, Christian; maybe it’s a language problem… I’ve been told that urinating after butt sex (and even regular sex) can lessen the chances of picking up stray germs in both sexual organs, for females and males. Is that what you’re saying?


      • It’s really incredible.
        One of my femdoms, always pees in my mouth and on my head. After that, her boyfriend, the dominus, comes and fucks me in the ass. When he has come, I get a urine enema from him. It is so deliciously humiliating.

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