#709) The Elephant in the Room

It was the second Thanksgiving dinner without Daddy at the head of the table. Jerry had enlisted when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, and had been killed in the line of duty a year later somewhere in Europe. None of the women on the home-front had thoroughly processed the loss, so it was already sure to be another challenging holiday season.
Marge’s mother-in-law, Jerry’s mom had volunteered to move-in with them to help raise the girls and help around the house. Ethel’s assistance was much appreciated, some of her opinions not so much.
Ethel was conscious of this, how difficult this time was for everybody. For instance, Ethel refused to sit at the head of the table opposite Marge for family meals. It just didn’t seem her place. She let Suzie sit at the head, it helped with the shy girl’s sense of self-esteem. The twins, Alice and Olivia, sat together on one side of the table. That left the place for Deborah next to Ethel, on her right. Debbie was the one that seemed to be having the most trouble with the loss of her father. As the oldest daughter, Debbie was supposed to be the most mature, but that wasn’t always the case.
Today of all days, Debbie seemed to be in one of her moods. She loudly announced that she intended to go out with her boyfriend, Archie, instead of help prepare the big Thanksgiving meal. There were more than enough hands to cook and set the table, etc. It was just the abrupt change from what was the norm. Marge compromised, let Deb go on the date, but insisted that she be home by three in the afternoon, for the dinner that was scheduled for about three-thirty.
“There’s nothing that ails that girl that a good, old fashioned bare bottom spanking won’t cure!” Ethel stated to no one in particular, but everyone in general.
“Mother, please!” Marge shot back.
“It’s God’s truth!” the old woman insisted.
“I think she’s getting too big for that…”
“Balderdash!” Ethel exclaimed, but didn’t take it any further.
Those who remained at home pitched-in and got all the food and dining room ready over the course of the day, as well as bonded somewhat. Tensions rose when three P.M. came and went. Debbie rolled in at three-eighteen. Her mother decided not to make an issue of this, while Ethel tisk-tisked loudly, and all the girls looked at each other nervously.
One might have thought that, having already skated on thin ice, Deb would be on her best behavior at the table. No such luck. She seemed to pick a fight with anyone who spoke to her, even find fault with the food.
“The turkey’s dry and the lumpy gravy doesn’t remedy that,” she surmised dismissively. Everyone’s eyes shifted to look at Marge; how would she deal with this affront?
“Young lady, get up from the table and come here this instant!”
Deb slammed her fork down, pushed her chair backwards with a loud scraping sound, and came around to her mother’s right-hand side. She looked down at her parent both physically and metaphorically. She thought that she was about to be sent to her room. Her mother pressed her chair backward, too.
Before anybody knew it, Marge had Deb by the wrist, had her draped over Marge’s lap, and was looking at her eldest daughter’s rear end.
“What are you doing?! Deb exclaimed, though everyone knew.
As the mother raised her daughter’s skirt, she stated, “You’ve gotten a little too big for your britches, so I’ll relieve you of these…” and she pulled Deb’s underpants right down.
“That’s right, I’m your mother! You seem to have forgotten that! And how to properly address me!” That’s when the spanks began. What Marge lacked in strength, she made up for in endurance. She spanked Debbie’s derriere for a long while. Ethel’s side-long glance said it all. At first, the old woman looked as though she was hungry for blood, but as the blond granddaughter’s bottom grew more and more blood-red, she softened, until finally her eyes pleaded for mercy, just as all the girl’s eyes did.
“Now, go stand in that corner and display your bottom for all to see until we’ve finished our meal and dessert, things you’ll be doing without, by the way. Then I think you might need a second session, maybe with one of my belts…”
Debbie shuffled over to the dining room’s corner with her panties restricting her stride as they were, down around her knees. She put her nose against the wall. Dinner conversation ceased. All were aware of the elephant in the room. Not that Deb’s bottom was large. But the butt was somewhat ashen gray, overlaying the ruddiness.
“You are a good mother,” Ethel whispered to her daughter-in-law. “I know that that was rough, but it was called-for. Deborah will thank you for it one day…”
“Thank you for saying that, Mother… I’d appreciate it if you’d accompany me and Deb to my bedroom after dinner is cleared. I think you’ll need to hold her hands… I want her to remember this lesson longer than it takes for the welts to fade from her backside…”
It got even quieter in the dining room, if that was possible.

(The above picture is from Photo Phantasies.)

12 responses to “#709) The Elephant in the Room”

  1. I do apologize in advance, but you have woken my annoying inner pedant.

    The raid on Pearl Harbour was at the end of 1941. The first servicemen, enlisted in US forces, did not see action in Europe until July 1942, As air crew manning RAF Bombers, 7 months after the attack in Hawaii. To have died in action in Europe, two months after the Pearl Harbour attack. Jerry would have had to enlisted in the forces of a Country outside the USA. Namely, German, Russian, Finnish or the RAF of the UK.

    I must say sorry again but I have to still my inner pedant, or he will keep nagging me and I won’t get any sleep tonight 🙂


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    • You have NOTHING to apologize for; I do. I try to do rudimentary research before I write. I couldn’t find facts on this on-line, but I remember so many enlisting after the 9/11 attacks, I ASSUMED it was similar in WWII, and as we all know, assumptions are the mother of all f***-ups. I will re-write thanks to your valued & appreciated insights, Prefectdt.
      Jean Marie


  2. Loved the story Jean Marie! How embarrassing, humiliating in fact for the eldest daughter to be treated like that in front of her younger sisters. When I saw the pic and read about the mother-in-law moving in I had the fleeting thought that maybe Ethel had spanked Marge in front of her daughters! That would have been the ultimate humiliation.
    Sophie XOXOXOXOXO for you.

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  3. You’re right, there was a large wave of enlistment, after Pearl Harbour, but these people had to be equipped and trained. The first priority for, US forces on this side of the Atlantic then was to join the war in North Africa, to help stop the Italians and Germans from seizing control of the Suez Canal and the Middle East oil fields, which would have been an utter disaster for the allies. So Europe had to wait for a while, except for help in the air from the US Army Air force, who entered operations from the UK in 1942.


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