#711) The Five Love Languages – #3 Receiving Gifts

I LOVE the above still photo of Rhett and Scarlett in “Gone With the Wind!” Love the characters, the actors, the movie! Of course the actual quote was “kissed” and not “spanked.” Because WE love the kiss of spanking, it’s all the more perfect!

My Rhett Butler said that he wanted to give me a whole assortment of gifts; I wasn’t going to complain. We looked it up, thinking that “the 12 days of Christmas” would begin on Dec. 13th and go for twelve days, but that’s not correct. It is to celebrate Epiphany, so starts on the 25th and goes to Jan. 6th. (More on that next month.) So Robert just started giving me gifts, promising that there would still be presents to open on Christmas morning.

Because I hate the feel of wooden paddles on my tush, my collection is lacking in this tool. So, my love gave me one similar to this first. As much as I hated to do it, I “presented” my bottom and Robert acquainted me intimately with this implement. Ouchie!

Continuing in that vein, he next gave me a rattan cane, and gave me four of the better ones (instead of “six of the best,” what can I say? I’m a wimp when it comes to wood!)

My next present was a carpet beater. God, I hope I never feel this one for a real punishment! It’s like two canes woven into an intricate design, that leave a definite strong impression on the recipient!

Then Robert gave me a leather belt. I was more gracious in getting this beloved implement, and took its licks with joy (and just a few expletives).

Finally, my Top gifted me with a paddle similar to the one at left. Its surface is so smooth, in contrast to the picture that is carved (not painted on mine) into it. That design really smarts when imprinted on one’s ass!

As Robert reminded me repeatedly, the point of this endeavor was to teach us both the beauty of giving and receiving gifts. I learned my lessons well!

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