#712) Dichotomies

The shy woman who fancies herself a she-wolf when angered.
The submissive who fantasizes being a warrior-princess.
The bottom who detests the pain of punishing discipline.
The sex maniac who didn’t lose her virginity until college.
The innocent-looking girl who writes like a dirty old man.
The fastidious fanatic who craves anal fucking.
The stutterer whose prolific words flow out of her in this medium. So many ideas, she can barely keep track of them all, so many words turning into sentences, then paragraphs, whole stories, an entire blog. A blog devoted to Butt Stuff.

2 responses to “#712) Dichotomies”

  1. Oh, Jean Marie, but how very well you write. I envy you this special gift you have, no doubt honed by many years of practice and experience.
    You should write a book…you really should!
    Sophie x

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