#713) The Five Love Languages – #4 Quality Time

This is something that my lover and I excel at; spending quality time with each other. In reading (skimming, really) the book of the above title, I believe that people are supposed to determine which of the five is their specific, truest language. In that case, neither Robert or I have gotten to ours yet. So the best is yet to come!

But we do prioritize spending quality time together. Not just time together; we strive to make it special. Over this holiday weekend, we’ve been able to spend more time together than normal. I found it was impossible to publish as many posts because I was too busy living life! As we traveled to see some old friends, retired race horses, we saw couples and whole families in other cars on the road, all of them in their own little world on their cell phones. Robert and I talked, sang songs along with the CD. When Robert watched his favorite team beat its rival (Michigan over Ohio State, YEAH!), I fed him snacks, massaged his feet, celebrated in tandem. When we are running errands together, we have the habit of kissing at every stop light, making utilitarian things romantic and/or sexual. We have to eat, but we often go out to out-of-the-way, special restaurants to make the meal memorable.

The pithy comments above and to the left are very true. We recognize this, and live life accordingly. Together. Sharing…

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