#714) Rocking Horses Revisited

I wrote an entire essay called “Horses, Real and Rocking” way back for post #76, and another, “The Rocking Horse Etching” for post #79.

I say this because there’s a wealth of stories to be mined here if you care to dig. One faithful reader, Tipacanoe, is regularly liking and commenting on older publications here, and it touches me.

The above photo touched me in a different way, so that I couldn’t ignore it, had to write a bit about it.

The girl, Helen, had a father who was a woodworker, a lost craft nowadays, but someone who could fashion practically anything out of wood. He made this rocking horse for Helen, who loved to ride it as a little girl.

As is often the case, Helen has fallen for a boy much like her father. She wishes that she could introduce Will to her Dad, they would’ve gotten along great. But Helen’s father passed away a few years ago. Anyway, Will saw this rocking horse in Helen’s attic when she took him up there to escape her mother’s prying eyes and make-out. Will admired the craftsmanship. Which spurred Helen to mount the old hobby horse, right after a session of heavy petting.

“Would you mind if I came back some afternoon with my leather tools and materials, to refurbish this? I think you’ll like the results…” he shyly asked.

“I’d love for you to…” Helen answered, seeing a way to get Will back here again frequently. “I’d love for this horse to represent the two most important men in my life!”

That is what Will did. He came back daily with Helen, for part of each afternoon he’d work on the horse. For part he’d work on Helen and she on him, before he’d flee the premises before Helen’s mother returned home. Of course things got progressively more serious between Helen and Will, and what they shared together. All the while, he removed the old English saddle from the rocking horse, whose leather has become worn out and cracked with age. He fashioned a Western saddle, one with a pommel. A pommel is the horn cowboys use to wrap their lariets around when they’ve lassoed a cow, steer, or bull.

On the afternoon Helen finally convinced Will to go all the way, to take her virginity with a session of actual intercourse, he finished his work on the toy horse.

Will helped Helen mount the newly-equipped steed.

“Cowboys always thought it was bad form to hold onto the pommel, except for roping. That’s called pulling leather…” Helen sunk her newly-opened-for-business vagina down on the specially made pommel. “But I don’t think it’s bad form for a cowgirl to pull leather…”

Helen rocked and rode. She posted at the trot and cantered and galloped. That pommel hit just the right spot.

Now, you might think that, with the hobby horse right upstairs, Helen wouldn’t need Will anymore, with his work on the trusty steed completed. But Helen used the rocking only as a warm-up. She liked the real thing more, and Will was the real thing. In every way. You could even say that Will was hung like a proverbial horse.

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