#715) Well, That’s… Innovative

The photo above stopped me cold. Actually, it made me feel a little flushed.

I never would have thought to wear this type of jewelry outside of clothing. As you might recall, I was recently given a set of clips similar to these, and have really gotten into playing with it with my lover.

I have long known the connection between pain and pleasure when it comes to my well-padded bottom, but it was a revelation how inexorably these two are connected in terms of my nipples. I could go into detail, but will just leave it at that.

It’s photos like the one at the top that make me wonder what I’d be like if I lived in a huge megalopolis instead of my small town. There is an anonymity in big cities that I don’t enjoy.

Wearing nipple clamps for all to see out in public (as they are doing the deliciously devilish things they do to me in the privacy of my panties) would be akin to wearing a t-shirt emblazoned like the one at left.

All of this gets to a larger issue. It seems to me as if we’ve been making what I would call “progress” in terms of civil rights for the last several decades. Now I wonder if the pendulum has started to swing in the opposite direction, that the conservatives are seeking (and achieving) more regressive trends (such as the reversal of the Roe versus Wade Supreme Court decision). If that is the case, is it a call for those of us who disagree to be more vocal, more in-your-face, more Out? I don’t know the answer, only see the question in a more stark light lately. What do you think?

4 responses to “#715) Well, That’s… Innovative”

    • We experienced this first-hand on our recent trip, Christian. Robert could flip my skirt up and give me an impromptu quick spanking on the streets of foreign cities (the spanks were confined to my bottom, if that wasn’t clear). LOL

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  1. I can’t get enough of nipple clamps. The thought of wearing them where all can see is terrifying and so exciting!

    Being away from home does help loosen up the inhibitions as I consider the things we have done while on vacation that we would never do at home!

    It is natural for the public attitude to swing over time, consider what things were like in the 60’s and early 70’s. Unfortunately there is a conservative movement that does not like the progress that has been made and wants to return to their old ways and we do need to stand strong for our freedoms too.

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