#716) The Five Love Languages – #5 Physical Touch

I’ve detailed the previous four languages, and how I can relate to them, as outlined in the book by the above title. But the last one, physical touch, is DEFINITELY how my love and I both communicate best.

I’ve probably been too transparently honest on this blog, even though I’ve fictionalized events from my life here. So I won’t go into the nuts and bolts. I imagine my entire readership reacting to all I’ve said in this post with an in-unison, “Duh! Tell us something we don’t already know!”

I’ll just say that I have never been on the exact same wavelength with a lover in all ways before, but especially in the physical sphere. Robert swears the same is true for him with me.

Of course, for all of us spankos, the physical aspect in a relationship is twice as important because we share intimacies in two ways, both with sex and with discipline. My only advice is to emphasize that none of us humans is a mind-reader, so open communication is vitally important. Talk, observe, be open to feedback, really listen. And through it all, have fun!

(I did not write the caption to the visual at left. But it is capitalized in the way I sometimes like to in poetry, for example, in the front piece, “A Trailblazer with a Blazing Tail-End.”)

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