#718) Photo Cleanse #2

I’ve done this once before. As I organize the many photos that I assemble into a folder from Internet browsing, I have some that I don’t use in a particular story. Here are some of those culls. Maybe some will inspire a story in YOUR mind.

Above is yet another photo of the exquisite Olivia Culpo (that I didn’t feature in the two different posts I published about her).

This, I believe, is one of her sisters, now starring in a cable TV show. There appears to be a little difference facially between these two (but am not positive of that).

I did an essay on women’s volleyball, but didn’t use this shot.

I’ve done several stories with horses figuring-in prominently…

…and will probably write more. But here are two photos on that theme in the mean time.

Here’s a picture of the musical artist, Halsey. I love the twinkle in her smiling eyes!

Here are some shots that give me a different kind of thrill.

ONLY if I were a sure-footed goat would I venture out onto the end of a ledge like this!

I cannot even imagine doing this, especially without any ropes!

Here is a left-over shot from when I featured food porn. (Wish I could have some actual leftovers; those scallops look fantastic!)

Finally, in the story that I just wrote and posted, #717 “High, but Not on Caffeine,” I saved this picture but didn’t use it.

I love her smile, her decolletage, her child-bearing hips and thick thighs! Maybe you want to use her in a story… Is that java in her paper cup? Or is it a semen sample she sneakily saved from the tryst she’s returning from with her boyfriend. She’s racing home to get her turkey baster, hoping that by next Thanksgiving, she’ll be a mommy and married to that unsuspecting boyfriend… Don’t like that idea? What you got?

6 responses to “#718) Photo Cleanse #2”

  1. I have used the picture of the goat sitting on the edge on OBB before.

    There is an overlook of the Grand Canyon 50 miles down a dirt road where the canyon walls are the highest. A woman was skipping along the edge, leaping from rock to rock. I expected her to go over at any moment. She was a ballerina and her balance was perfect.

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  2. “Is that java in her paper cup? Or is it a semen sample she sneakily saved from the tryst she’s returning from with her boyfriend.”


    It is a cup of VERY hot coffee which she will drink a second before she gives that boyfriend a B.J.?

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      • “Maybe going back and forth between hot-hot-hot and ice cold…”


        My beach house years ago. Late August. Completely private part of the island and no one within 500 yards. My then GF and I decide to sun bathe nude on my upper deck.

        That led to my going down on her as she lay on the lounge chair. What she didn’t know was that I had put a glass dildo in a small cup of water with a couple ice cubes in it to get it nice and cold (NOT freezing!!! Cuz’ that’s dangerous.) under her chair.

        Once I got her juices going real good with her back arched and her was looking skyward, I reached under that chair and applied said dildo to her vag and – BOOM!! She inhaled all the air out of the county!

        Seconds later I applied some warm tongue and – she almost ripped the hair out of my head!

        That was a fun afternoon!!!!


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