#719) Like Day and Night

He marveled at Cynthia.

On the red carpet, being the rising celebrity that she was, Cynthia was in charge of all she surveyed. Paparazzi called out to her, hoping for a shot that would earn them their week’s salary. Talk shows wanted her as a guest because she was always a great interview, coquettish and teasing, sexy and alluring. Casting directors sent word to her agent that all of the A-list directors and powerhouse producers wanted her in their next projects.

But here at home, Cindy (as her Top/lover called her there) was the complete opposite. With her make-up off, and most of her clothes, Cindy became her true self. Her submissive self.

“I’m ready for you, Sir,” she spoke from her prone position on the bed.

Sunlight was coming in through the windows. They’d been out all night at the movie premiere and after-party.

“Are you?” her lover asked. “Let’s do an inspection.” He sat next to her on the edge of the low bed. “Get over my knee, little girl.”

Cindy scampered to obey. Dan squeezed a handful of ass cheek.

“This pale, unmarked bottom looks like it needs spanking. How long has it been since this little girl got a good, hard spanking?”

“Too long, Sir… I think four days, maybe five…”

“If you don’t know more accurately than that, it has been too long.” He pulled her thong out of her ass and down, along with the garter belt still around her waist, found the gusset of her panties wet with arousal. “Have you been touching yourself?”

“No, Sir! I know that my pussy belongs to you. I couldn’t help… that… I’ve missed you!”

Dan made an elaborate show of sniffing her panties. “When did you last douche?”

“Yesterday, Sir,” Cindy answered after calculating what day it was from the sunlight, blushing. She has always been self-conscious about the smell of her sex, though in actuality, Dan finds her scent an aphrodisiac, sweet-smelling and erotic. He put the inside-out panties in front of her face on the floor, so that she could see and smell the soiled crotch two inches away.

She felt both of his hands caress her ass, part her. She knew that he was lowering his face right down close, probably two inches away; she felt his breath on her crack. She felt a finger slowly trail up her crack, circle her rosebud. She knew what came next. Dan pushed his middle finger up her rectum without benefit of any lube. Even saliva would mask any smells he was searching for, so that wouldn’t be utilized now. Cindy tried to relax as she felt one knuckle go in, then a second, finally stop when he couldn’t intrude any further. Dan twisted and turned the penetrating finger slowly. He left it up there a full minute, spoke to her during the inspection.

“When my finger comes out, do you think it’ll be clean, or not…?”

“I think clean, Sir.”

“But you don’t know.”

“I know that you like for me to keep that area clean for you, ‘as clean as a whistle,’ as you like to say…”

“And why is that, little girl?” he asked as he started to just-as-slowly withdraw.

“Because you want to be able to put your mouth on me there, play me like a whistle, blow or suck or…” She was on tender-hooks as he inspected the digit, fresh from its inspection.

“Good girl,” he said, and the inner spring of her precise movement unwound and relaxed for the first time since she’d gotten home. How she loved to hear those words! “You’ll just get a maintenance spanking tonight instead of any extra punishment.”

“Yes, Sir, thank you, Sir, but it’s already morning…” she managed to get out before the first hard spank landed.

“Well, aren’t you the perfect little clock? Why don’t you count these, little girl…”

“Yes, Sir, one, thank you, Sir…”

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