#720) Sight and Insight

This next statement will sound basic, but I just realized it fully.

I have actually seen my boobies, and , because I’m a bit of a contortionist, seen my inner pussy, but have never actually seen my face or my bottom! I have only seen the reversed reflection of each in mirrors, or seen both in a camera’s image. The two features that I base most of my identity upon I have never actually seen. And the same goes for all of you.

Would it sound egotistical to say that I envy my lover, who gets to see my bottom up close and in all its glory? Then so be it, because that’s how I feel.

He (and others) pay me compliments on both of these features, but I have to merely take their word for it.

Of course, being who I am, this reminds me of a childish joke. Someone comes up to you with a cigarette dangling from their mouth, and asks, “Do you have a match?” Do you remember the punchline from when you were seven years old? The smart-assed reply is, “Yeah, your face and my butt!”

Now that I’ve gotten the silliness out of my system, I was thinking about this revelation (of never seeing my own face or bottom) last night before falling asleep. I’ve often thought what it must be like to live without the sense of sight. What if your only way to know what these features were like on someone you met was to touch them with your hands? They say that we find facial beauty in its symmetry. But someone with coarse, unrefined, dare I say ugly features are just as symmetrical as someone who we collectively judge to be beautiful. I think it’d be a better world. I, personally, would like it if we “met” new people this way. We’d each close our eyes (to keep from getting poked there) and caress the other’s face. Then, similar to dogs, who sniff their cohort’s ass, we would each turn, so that your new “friend” could caress and cup and explore and pinch and prod their bottom! All of those skinny-assed models who were fawned over and revered (back when I was in that trade) would be seen as less esteemed. And when you encountered a big-bottomed acquaintance, you’d exclaim, “My! Aren’t you beautiful! It’s a pleasure to meet you!”

There’s a line from some musical (don’t remember which) that goes, “Getting to know you, getting to know all out you…”

THIS would be so much better a way to do this, rather than a smile and a hand-shake!

8 responses to “#720) Sight and Insight”

  1. Yes I agree Jean Marie. I believe that there was a period in French history…but I know not when…when it was the custom, when meeting a lady, for a gentleman to enquire ‘How are you?’ and instead of taking the lady’s hand to pat her derriere!

    Also I remember in the UK there used to be a rude rhyme often quoted by children…Lady of Spain I adore you, lift up your skirt (or pull down your knickers) and I’ll explore you!

    Did you make a spelling mistake in the above piece just so that I would have another reason to smack your bottom?
    Sophie x

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    • Jean Marie, look at line 6 in the last paragraph before the final pics. You have the word ‘course’ when you are describing a certain kind of man. I think it should be spelled ‘coarse’…see me in my surgery tomorrow.
      I have never realised before the appropriateness of that word for folk like you and me!
      Sophie x

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      • You are, of course, absolutely right. I stand corrected, ma’am. I don’t think I’ll be sitting after our meeting tomorrow. (I can’t wait! My error wasn’t purposeful, but I imagine that my lesson will be…)
        Jean Marie
        XOXOXOXOXO on my knees.


  2. Just popped in to say that the musical you’re thinking of is The King and I.

    Amusing story about feeling people’s butts: a drunk young gentleman at a bar once accused me of being a trans man. To prove this he declared that he’d be able to tell just by feeling my ass (he said this in front of his girlfriend, by the way). Thinking it’d be funny to make a guy feel another man’s ass in front of his girlfriend, I let him do it. His conclusion was that due to my ass’ softness I clearly must be a former woman. So there you go. My butt could pass for a woman’s apparently 🤷🏻

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