#721) Athletic Asses

I work-out. But my bottom will NEVER be the tight, trim tush like the one pictured above and those below.

Even with the advent of popularity of Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez, society still esteems a smaller, athletic ass.

If these still photos don’t convince you, perhaps adding some motion will…

This runway model really struts her stuff!

And this lass is standing still on an escalator, but still bouncing beguilingly!

Case argued, won, and closed.

5 responses to “#721) Athletic Asses”

    • Your term, “fun” is open-ended (excuse the pun), Jim. I think first, before any fun is to be had, a vigorous “work-out” is called for. After they’ve worked those gluteal muscles to fatigue, I think a strap work-out, until all parties agree that the athleticism is worn out, is called for…


      • Jean Marie, you are absolutely correct in your assessment (pun intended), I was lacking in my abrupt ending with the use of the “fun” word, you did finish it in good style though with your thoughts should happen. I writer I’m not.

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