#722) That Very Titillating Victorian Era

My research informs me (and now you) that, with the advent of the Industrial Revolution, high society was presented with a problem. The powerful captains of industry were coming home later and later from work (the Proletariat had always worked long hours). Therefore the dinner hour at home had to be moved back later. People were getting hungry and in need of a break in mid-afternoon. So the English came up with the idea of Tea Time, in upper class homes High Tea. Where did they get this idea from? Why, from the tea ceremonies practiced in Japan by the geisha women. This gives me LOTS of grist for my mental mill to chew upon.

First, the juicy, tantalizing Victorian era. Although it probably would’ve been a hellish existence for all but the super wealthy, I find myself fantasizing about being a woman at this time (see above).

Employers held all the rights. To be a scullery maid was akin to indentured servitude.

Over time, the onerous duty of disciplining the hired help spread across gender lines, primarily because men found whipping and caning bared and proffered female bottoms arousing. The English Vice was born.

Soon, it wasn’t merely the help who found themselves on the receiving end of corporal chastisement. Daughters and wives found themselves bundled over a bolster, their petticoats and bloomers removed, thrown out of the way, opened for access…

I LOVE how this artist has depicted the lass looking directly out of the portrait, making eye contact as her Dominant (father, uncle, employer, john…) is making contact with her backside.

I also love playing around with scenarios featuring this era. I own several corsets, frilly petticoats, rear-opening bloomers. Most often, just the corset is enough to put me in that head-space. “Lace me up and lash me mercilessly, sir!” is my motto and has been ever since I read the book series, “A Man with a Maid” many years ago. The term being “straight-laced” comes from this puritanical time when any lack of self-discipline was met with a stern session of corporal discipline.

3 responses to “#722) That Very Titillating Victorian Era”

  1. A Man with a Maid. I found my father’s copy of the book and it set me on that course for life. I really enjoy the parts where he gets two women interacting as when Alice disciplines her maid Fanny. Super hot also when the mother and daughter are made to do each other.

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    • Same story for me, Mr. Bill. I got my father’s copy & my course in life was set. Was it genetic, that both fathers were spankos, so we were predestined to be as well, or was it imprinting on impressionable young minds, or was it just a fucking great story that made me pull my pants down and masturbate furtively?


      • All of the above! I found out many years later that my father was a spanko on the receiving end. I always loved the Penthouse letters about spanking, but they were nearly all male on female. For many years I spanked my wife very regularly. Somehow, probably birthdays, she started spanking me. Now I am very much on the receiving end and I never spank her.
        I even get spanked on her birthday!

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