#723) Geisha Rituals

Spring-boarding off of my last post, I thought I’d share some photos and reflections on the Japanese geisha culture. I have a strong attraction to Japanese women (more on that later, probably tomorrow), and as an off-shoot, what I’ve discovered about this subculture, the geisha. I am not sure how factual it is, how well researched, but I recommend the novel, “Shogun.”

Here is a still photo of the highly ritualized tea ceremony as practiced by this culture.

Geisha women were NOT prostitutes, but if they so chose, could be convinced to share the equally-ancient rite of “pillowing.”

Why, look! This enchantress has arranged her traditional kimono in a most un-traditional manner.

Once out of the kimono, you might find other surprises.

Aesthetics are so very important. This photo captures that nicely.

This accommodating and adorable geisha has assumed the traditional pose for pillowing. You will find that she is quite accomplished in giving pleasure.

Of course, sometimes errors in the adherence to the proper ritual format occur. When that happens, the house mother must met out correction. This video clip has been highly edited, but is, nonetheless, rather severe. Aesthetics, remember, are paramount.

I think that when my man returns home this evening, after I’ve helped him remove his shoes, his necktie, given him a shoulder and neck massage, I’ll show him this video clip, to see if he wishes to replicate such a strapping for my edification.

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