#725) Lick Practice

Just so you know, I’ve discussed all of this with Robert. He has given me permission to explore my lesbian tendencies, knowing that I need to answer some questions in this area before I can full commit to him in our heterosexual union.

I’m very discerning. I didn’t wait until I was in college to lose my virginity because of a lack of opportunities. It would have to be a woman who I felt a strong intellectual connection with, along with an irresistible physical attraction and an emotional understanding before I could proceed. I want it to be, as all of my relationships have been in this life, special.

I don’t think crossing over this “boundary” is a big thing for many women, as it is for most men. Males let their dicks get in the way, they are so much like thoroughbred stallions, who have to be alone in their paddock, studly and cocksure. For this female, it’s a subtle and nuanced change. I’d like to spank and be spanked by another woman; I’d like to lick and be licked by her, which are all things I’ve done with a score of men. I think it’d just be slightly different with a woman, but something profound.

So, this has been on my mind (A LOT). I’ve been enjoying the security of an exclusive hetero relationship while still looking, flirting, being open to a homosexual one at the same time.

It crosses my mind a hundred times a day. It crossed my mind when I ate an ice cream cone last night.

I ought to do this regularly, so as to strengthen my tongue muscle, I thought. I set-up a work-out schedule for myself for other exercises daily, maybe I should do so for my tongue.

We all know that both “licking endeavors” can get pretty messy (and that this is part of the fun).

Maybe this “lick practice” could be a way to include Robert…

…as well as a seduction technique. Do you think it’d be too obvious if I invited a prospective girlfriend-partner over and just served us both one ice cream cone?

I’m new at this, a total rookie; I don’t know how subtle to be and still get my point across, how overt to be without going too far.

Speaking of going too far, I don’t know if this photo is allowed by the powers-that-be at this platform’s headquarters. I guess I’ll hear from them if it is too much. But the picture says so much, I couldn’t not include it. I want someone for a lesbian partner who is a veritable cookie monster when it comes to me. I want a lady who is rabid about licking and spanking (in equal measure, as a vicious circle of cause and effect) me!

6 responses to “#725) Lick Practice”

  1. I wish you luck in finding the right woman to help you explore the sapphic side of things! I am absolutely sure you’ll find someone. Women in general are in high demand on both sides of the slash (especially on the domme side since everyone wants a mommy) so I would be shocked if you couldn’t find someone. Is there a gay bar in town you could go to? Or maybe a munch? If you found a BDSM munch I’m certain you’d strike gold

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    • In your previous comment, you point out a typo and want to exact punishment. But then right away, you send me this message with a typo of your own? Turn about is fair play, sweet Sophie…


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