#727) The Victorian Stove

This photo spoke to me. I was in the mindset of my writing for post #722. I love the girl’s attire! (Or lack thereof on her bum!)

Is the house cold and she’s bared herself to get warm where it matters most?

My mind jumped to another explanation of this scene. Do you remember when you were young, and you told a parent you were ill and couldn’t possible attend school that day, and they replied that they’d take your temperature just to see? So, you heated that thermometer in your hands, or close to a light bulb to get it to register a high temp; did you do something like that? (I never did because, as a gagger, I had my temperature taken rectally my whole life long, and the Vaseline-slick instrument couldn’t be fiddled with…) Well, just like in that modern-day case, this girl from the past has been told that she’s about to get a sound punishment from her father. She pleads that Mummy already gave her a bottom-warming of sufficient severity. He goes off to find the razor strop with the words, “We’ll see about that…” So, she quickly bares her adorable bottom and holds it close to the old, cast-iron stove, in order to warm the flesh and give the appearance of a recent spanking. Think her ploy will work, or do you think Father will administer twice as hard a set of licks for her subterfuge?

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