#728) Another Photo That Spoke To Me

I came upon this strange photo, and it reminded me on something in my life. This picture looks like some hot and humid place, like the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains perhaps, where the woman featured has removed most of her clothing for comfort as she serves a platter of food.

In my own life, I often cook, serve, and eat food for me and my boyfriend in the nude. I have often said something along the lines of, “You can tell the casual nature of this eating establishment by the informal attire of the wait-staff,” as I put Robert’s dinner plate in front of him.

One time, he caught me around the waist, turned me over the edge of the table, and remarked, “I’m from the Health Department, and we required that both you waiters and the chef must wear hairnets over your pubic patches from now on…” As he began to spank me playfully, he continued, “Now, how many hairnets will you need to be issued?”

I played along, although the spanks were beginning to add up and really sting, “As I said, sir, it’s a casual eatery; I’m both cook, waitress, dishwasher…”

“Then you’ll get three times the spanking!” he quickly rejoined and actually gave it to me. Needless to say, our dinner got cold that evening, as madcap high-jinx ensued thereafter…

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