#729) More Art

I’ve featured art work here previously, and I’ve come across some more pieces and artists that I’d like to share.

If you are any kind of an art aficionado, you’ll recognize this artist immediately. The petal motif, the intense color scheme; it is Georgia O’Keeffe.

Here is a second piece by her. Probably her most famous study was on calla lilies. There has always been a controversy as to whether she was using her work in this style (she did others with things like buffalo skulls, etc.) as a metaphor for female sexuality. Georgia was diplomatically non-committal. I happen to think it is very sexual. Many of her pieces look just like my vagina!

This is a work by one of my favorite lesser-known artists, Leone Frollo.

He focuses on mature women in mature situations. I just love it!

This artist has their own website. I don’t know whether Kalidwen is male or female.

But there is an undeniable feminine sensibility in the work.

And the work is always centered around women being spanked until bottoms glow radiantly.

With both male and female spankers. Another favorite artist!

An artist I didn’t know until I stumbled across this work is Milo Manara. Very seductive, compelling, mesmerizing.

Similarly, my perusal of the Internet gleaned this artist’s work. This is by Paul Klamm.

This artist, Robert Crumb, is a well-known cartoonist of the 1960’s (with such characters as Mr. Natural and The Checkered Pants Demon – stoner humor), but captures a Bettie Page-like 50’s vibe here.

Another personal favorite of mine is Roger Benson, who, as in this representative piece, features big-bottomed girls getting spanked soundly.

Perhaps you are saying to yourself, gee, Jean Marie, you always tend toward the sexual, the spanking-oriented. To which I reply, Duh! That’s what I’m all about!

But it’s not ALL I think about. Cartoons qualify (in my mind, at least) as Art.

Here is a final one that’s appropriate for the season.

This is intended to be just a taste of various artists, having done a deeper dive before. But, what are some of your favorite artists and pieces?

7 responses to “#729) More Art”

  1. Best post! Some of these bring back good memories. Crumb’s Fritz the Cat was very racy when it came out in the early 70’s. I was on the SGA and we got it for a Friday night showing. He did the artwork for a Dead album after he did the Keep on Trucking comic.

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