#730) Harem Girl

Among my favorite fantasies to role-play with my lover (handsome male doctor and female patient, parent and/or school administrator with errant school girl, sadistic pirate with female captive, cop with violating citizen or hooker, deliveryman and sexy housewife, etc.) pasha and new harem girl ranks right up there among the top three (I’ll let you try to guess the order). So much so that I bought an “I Dream of Jeanie” type Halloween costume years ago. (Mine is sheer, gauzy pink, and I always have to remind Robert to take it off me before my punishment because I’m afraid he’ll rip it off of me!) The fantasy is so rich to explore.

There’s the auction block where the confused captive (still drugged from her capture?), uncomprehending of the foreign tongue being spoken, is finally purchased by representatives of the royal sultan. (This still photo looks like it’s from a movie set back from yesteryear.)

When she finally becomes aware of what is going-on, the harem girl becomes obstinate and must be whipped into subjugation. (Having this punishment administered with another new captive would be extra hot!)

Then there is her introduction to her pasha and harem life. More whipping will certainly be necessary for the headstrong girl to accept her fate.

I did some research, and apparently, as an initiation to the harem, the other women would bathe and perfume the new girl, and then they would manually pluck out all of her pubic hair!

Like I said, so much rich gold to be mined in this scenario…

Well, my imagination has gotten the better of me with all this, so I must run to take a shower!

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