#731) A Photo That Spoke To Me #3

In the past, I was involved with a much older man. As the relationship progressed, I found myself worrying about his health issues, especially his high blood pressure and heart, even while I was continually trying to excite him sexually.

So, I liked this photo, but, in all honesty, I thought it was somewhat “half-assed.” It reminded me of when I was with this gentleman. I would wake-up early and get started with my day, while he slept-in. (As a retired captain of industry, he had little that was on his daily agenda.) I liked to wake him up in some innovative way daily. That way, we’d start the day off with a bang. He thought it was hilarious and highly arousing when I went outside naked and plastered myself against his bedroom window, so that when the maid threw the curtains open to let in the morning light and awaken this guy gently, there I was. From there I tried to think up scenarios to improve upon this precedent. One was me in a knit cap, and hiking boots, and a maul and wedges to cut cord wood, and nothing else outside his window.

Therefore, this lovely-bottomed lass could have committed more deeply, instead of just baring it.

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