#733) The Last Art Presented Today – Photography

Photography can transcend into an Art form. It can also be controversial (just look at Maplethorpe’s work). I ran across some photos that I want to share with you, but am tip-toeing at the same time.

I am not Catholic. Even if I were, I would hope that the photos here aren’t considered sacrilegious. Nuns and priests are human; we ask so much of our religious leaders, especially in the Catholic faith, where celibacy is expected.

I knew a former nun who left her order and became a teaching colleague. She could say the simple phrase, “You should be ashamed of yourself!” with such vehemence that it sent chills up my spine, and she wasn’t even saying it to me (she was saying it to an impressionable child)!

The above photo is of Sarah Gregory portraying a nun, administering discipline to a student. This is not transcendent art, but it is sexy as hell for this spanko. I’ve known Catholic school students who have felt a nun-wielded ruler across knuckles and palms, and knickers-seats and bared bums. To a person, they state that it was quite harsh punishment, unforgettable.

This is a photographic study by Sebastian Faena. We don’t know what nuns wear under their cowls and gowns and robes. Maybe nothing? Do you think, as I do, that this IS Art?

I do not know the artist-photographer in the remaining pieces. But because there is so much of it, I’d argue that the topic is very rich and magnetic, along with polarizing.

This shot was for a fashion shoot for Vogue.

It is interesting that there has been such an outcry over the Islamic hajib, but never over Catholic nun’s cowls…

Exhibit D in my case arguing that nuns have attracted a great deal of photographic interest over time. Is it prurient? Is this Art?

This pseudo-nun seems to be giving thanks to the Almighty for the endowment of the man in front of her.

The news headlines are filled with accounts of religious leaders who have broken their vows of celibacy. I, personally, think it is too much to ask of a person, that it’s just asking for trouble. Further, I think that this question is what the photographer-artists were trying to raise in their work.

I have other pictures, which I’m electing not to publish here, that portray nuns positioned for sex (in the “missionary position”), whether that is masturbation or with a partner in the form of another nun, a priest, a parishioner, is not clear. Other shots show nuns with robes raised, bent over, buttocks bared, whether for rear-entry or for chastisement is also unclear. I think I’ve raised the questions that these works pose without having to be inflammatory. Or is that what Art is primarily intended to do?

3 responses to “#733) The Last Art Presented Today – Photography”

  1. I was once fucked by a femdom, dressed as a nun, with a crucifix to which a penis was attached at the bottom, first in the mouth and then in the ass. It was deliciously blasphemous.


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