#737) Nurse Me Back to Hell

Yesterday in post #730, I mentioned different scenarios that I love to play out in the bedroom. Among them, I listed the tried-and-true doctor examining his patient role-play. How foolish of me not to think about the all-female nurse with her patient version! To rectify that, here is a post featuring exactly that. But, apparently, the patient is not being patient and cooperative…

The Hippocratic oath is clear; first, do no harm. But if the patient won’t obey basic doctor’s orders, a spanking is clearly called for.

This wonderful artist has captured a scenario in watercolors that could be the waiting room outside the doctor’s office, but could just as easily be the living room of one of these play-acting partners.

Yes, it appears the scene is being played-out in the comfort of a home environment. The patient seems to be experiencing some digestive distress. A thorough enema will rectify that! The bulb syringe is being utilized here. The fun of this tool is that many insertions may prove necessary.

Photo by Luis Quintero on Pexels.com

If heavier artillery is called for, the big gun of the rubber hot water bottle can be utilized. It holds lots of cleansing water, perhaps more than the patient’s bowels can comfortably hold. I love the sweet agony that a high-colonic enema can produce, can only imagine what heavenly hell it’d be if administered by a stern, no-nonsense nurse…

2 responses to “#737) Nurse Me Back to Hell”

  1. As someone studying to be a clinician, and who in general has a strong impulse to take care of those around me, I can tell you from the other side of things that being someone’s nurse or doctor lends itself quite easily to a feeling of being a potential disciplinarian too. Just the other day I was telling a female co-worker that she needed to be sure to finish her entire prescription of antibiotics after I had gotten her some cough syrup to take for her upper respiratory infection. When she sighed in display over having to take all of her pills, I had to fight from saying “Take your medicine like a good girl!”

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