#738) Book Update

I mentioned in passing about a week ago that I was eagerly awaiting the release of a new book entitled, “Butts: A Backstory.” Well, I bought it and am about half-way through reading it. It is interesting, but I wanted to clarify that, although it is comprehensive in what it covers, it does not address spanking in any way, or butt play such as butt plugs, or enemas. Just so you know.

As is often the case, I’m concurrently reading several other books, too.

There is a new book out called, “Ejaculate Responsibly,” which I found quite compelling. It lays out a very convincing argument that abortions/problem pregnancies are all the responsibility of the man.

I’m also reading and enjoying Naomi Wolf’s well-researched book, “Vagina.” For example, she details the lives of women Mary Wollstonecraft, Charlotte Bronte, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, George Sand, Christina Rossetti, George Elliot, Georgia O’Keeffe, Edith Wharton,Emma Goldman, and Gertrude Stein, all of whom led impassioned, often overtly sexual lives, women before their time.

So dive head-first into reading; there’s lots of good stuff out there! What are currently reading and enjoying?

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