#740) The Same Thought Crossed Everyone’s Mind

It’d been like this for almost as long as Marie could remember, almost two decades, way back to puberty.
People would meet her and think the same thing. It didn’t seem to matter whether they were male or female or non-binary, what their persuasion or orientation was, it was the same.
At least people would look her in the eye. Marie had girlfriends who were endowed in a different way, with big breasts, and they’d regale Marie with unending stories of people making their acquaintance and not even bothering to make eye contact, just staring at the tits.
Marie began thinking about both her situation and that of these friends as being labeled as that well known idiom, “the elephant in the room.” There was something omnipresent, something monumental, but this something was never commented upon by anyone. It simply dominated all thought.
Tonight was no different. Roger had taken Marie to an art gallery opening, followed by a reception for donors to the arts in their small city. Roger and Marie had dated for two years now, long enough for people to start to wonder if wedding bells were in their future. But, between these two different trains of thought, the one that concerned Marie always took precedence, while the more common, societally-sanctioned thought about the two of them got derailed.
This reception offered the opportunity for Marie to meet Roger’s aunt Ethel. If he was considered comfortably wealthy, Aunt Ethel was filthy rich. You would think that someone so conservative, so strait-laced, so advanced in age would be immune to this thought process. But, as you can see from the photo that ran on the Society page of the local newspaper the next day, she was just as susceptible as anyone.
The wording of this cognition would vary, of course. Ethel was thinking the word “backside,” whereas many men thought simply “ass.” Ethel thought “impressive,” while men thought things like “sexy,” “spectacular,” “so fuckable.”
It got to the point where Marie liked to toy with people she caught staring. She didn’t do this with Aunt Ethel, certainly, but at this very party, later in the evening, when too much champagne had been consumed by some, a man made no effort to conceal his direct gaze. Marie coquettishly stated, “You know, it was difficult getting this tight gown over the big thing…”
Confirming that he was on her same wavelength without being more specific, he replied breathlessly, “I can imagine!”
So Marie played him like a trout on her fly-line, “Yeah… it didn’t help that my boyfriend had spanked me so hard this afternoon…”
The gawker had become apoplectic, nearly choking on his pate. To which Marie smirked, crossed the room, kissed Roger on the cheek, to which he, out of habit, placed his right hand on her left cheek, and then kissed her other set of cheeks with a peck of his own.

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