#742) In Case You’re Wondering

You are minding your own business. Maybe you’re running errands, strolling in park, standing-up at a friend’s wedding; it doesn’t matter if you are surrounded by friends or total strangers.

You see a pretty lady, attractive in facial features, body contours, and care-free spirit.

Maybe she appears to be doing something, something like the challenge of in-line rollerskating. Maybe she appears to be doing nothing at all, like the comely creature featured above. Regardless, you get a get glimpse of her crotch.

It doesn’t matter if her skirt is short or longer. It doesn’t matter if it seems totally accidental, like trying to get that perfect angle for a photograph.

Or a mindless oversight while engrossed in something else, like trying to find out where the hell we are on this map!

You think to yourself, as you catch that glimpse, does she know? Was that at all intentional, or, as it appears, completely by accident?

Hey stupid, we’ve been taught since early on to keep our knees together by strict mothers. We can feel the breeze. We know! We are purposefully giving you a little look at panty gusset, giving YOU a minor thrill. We picked you out to bestow a little slice of heaven. It’s intentional. Take it for the compliment it is. Maybe it’s innocent, maybe it has ulterior motive.

So, regardless of whether it is instantaneously brief or prolonged, if it is artfully done by a skilled practitioner, or it is clearly staged for benefit of unexpected tittilation by a rank amateur, take it for what it is intended to be.

And imagine how much bigger a thrill, how much greater a compliment it is if there are no panties involved.

7 responses to “#742) In Case You’re Wondering”

    • I honestly hadn’t thought of that as I wrote this. That last twist came to my mind just as I was wrapping-up the composition. But this scene must have been in my subconscious. It’s a great movie scene! Wasn’t Michael Douglas in the interrogation room, too?


  1. I can not keep up with your post frequency. …if it is artfully done by a skilled practitioner, or it is clearly staged for benefit of unexpected titillation by a rank amateur… Brings back memories of single days when occasionally either a skilled practitioner or a rank amateur would flash me from across the room with a smile. I was always attracted to such women.

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    • Glad that my writing rekindled a warm memory! I’ve been guilty of flashing a bit, both in my past, and with the love of my life right now.. I’ve seen those reactions on the recipient’s faces, which was the motivation for this piece.


  2. I can’t recall any gusset views, and I know I damn well would remember a no-panties view!

    That said my fav is the careless nip-slip, popped button, or her bending with her blouse falling free for a terrific look at some titties wondering why the owned wasn’t wearing a bra!!!

    I treasure those moments. Call them little “blessings.” And I never stare! The occasional glimpse is enough.

    In my office. July and and very hot week. Our chief admin person was a really cute brunette. I’m standing at reception and she comes up to speak to the receptionist, hands her some paperwork, then bends at the waist to get to her eye level. Her blouse falls away from her and I get the most perfect view of her perfect bra-less titties! And since she wasn’t looking directly at me, I could get a really good look!

    I was blessed!!!

    “Bill,” the uncouth <i<thinks-he's-a-ladies-man comes up.

    If he stood near me he would likely get that terrific view – and worse – say something stupid. Out loud! So I moved a foot or two to the side to block him! I wasn’t going to share my “blessings” with HIM!

    But more, I didn’t want him to embarrass her. And it would. And everyone liked her.

    Bill got nuttin’!

    Because it was my “blessing,” I never told anyone.

    Thanks for the memory. I can still see those two ‘cuties’ in my mind!


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  3. “We can feel the breeze. We know! “

    Made me smile.

    In a previous comment I mentioned being in a restaurant and telling my spanko GF to go into the rest room and take off EVERYTHING underneath and normally kept out of sight.

    She did. Walking back around others tables she was a little giddy and feeling “so dirty.”

    But is was when we got outside into that bitter cold and windy February night – THAT’S when she could “feel the breeze!”

    She “knew” too. It made her feel so dirty. And aroused. And excited. And oh, God me too!

    With Christmas approaching I expect we will see a bunch of photos of young sweet cuties romping and playing in the snow while dressed only in boots, a hat, and nothing else. It they are true amateur pics, I’ll bet they loved that breeze.

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