#744) The Bedazzler

There was this tool for sale on a TV commercial years ago, I think it was called the Bedazzler. (I don’t know the spelling, maybe it was Bead-dazzler, or Be-dazzler, or…) With it, you could attach rhinestones and glitter to denim jeans and other clothing. It’s strange to think about, but this used to be fashionable.

Well, I’d like to bring it back in vogue. But not for blue jeans. I’d want to fashion Las Vegas-style outfits. Can you imagine going to the grocery store in an outfit like the one pictured above? I can.

If I’ve got to wear clothes, I want to make it worth while (or, as I recently heard, “worth wild”). Go big or stay home. Follow the lead of my big-bottomed-role-model, Jennie -from-the-block. I want to be Bedazzling.

2 responses to “#744) The Bedazzler”

  1. Jean, if you go to the store dressed as the first photo, I want to go with you. Would love to see you dressed like that, 1st, and the reactions you’ll get, 2nd,

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