#746) Lesbian Slumber Party

I have a new favorite fantasy. Like a movie, I let it roll in my head when I want to jump-start my libido. The movie is based in real fact, maybe that’s what makes it so potent. If just a few details had been changed from reality, my life might have evolved in an entirely different way; at least, that’s the way it unspools in my mind.

I thought that I was the luckiest girl in the world, and that was probably true. I was living in Los Angeles, making a good living as a professional model. I thought I was quite worldly, but, in reality, was as naive as could be. I deluded myself into thinking that I could change the rules of the game I was playing. I had the same callipygous bottom that I have today. Back then, the ideal was to be anorexicly skinny; I thought my magnificent ass would revolutionize the industry. (Interestingly, women like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian DID change this value system about a decade later, so it wasn’t entirely improbable.) This delusion seemed to breed others, such as the one where I convinced myself that my stutter wasn’t that bad, that it wasn’t a hindrance in my getting ahead in this career field.

But in my fantasy, none of the facts matter. In that movie, I’m living with two other models, being new to L.A. and the agency that represented us. In the movie of my dreams, I don’t let inhibitions interfere with my desires. Even though I was actually a virgin in both orifices, in the movie I’m as liberated as can be, someone willing to transform her bisexual curiosities into experimentation.

It really was a sexually-charged atmosphere in the apartment, even if I didn’t see it at the time. How easy it would have been to let innocent attractions develop into something more. What is more, there was an abundance of alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine to lubricate the gears and loosen any reticence.

In my dream, fun and frolic turns into that “something more” one night. Smiles evolve into kisses, at first tentative, then becoming passionate. Before anyone knows it, hands are exploring, and wherever they wander, hungry mouths soon follow.

One roommate casual mentions that she’s “always had a thing for rope.” Giving this voice magically makes it come true; soon we’re playing dominance and submission scenarios, where our true natures come out to play.

It’s a small, easy step for me to enunciate my secret desire in such an atmosphere. “I need to be spanked…” Hearing those weighty words spoken aloud makes me feel so free, and in a moment my dream is coming true. Getting spanked for real is beyond anything my vivid imagination could’ve come up with; and having done it once, it was so much easier to try again another night. And just like champagne and orange juice combine to make a delightful brunch libation, champagne and coke make for the perfect late-night cocktail. Add some jism and it’s even more intoxicating, all the more addictive.

How easy it would’ve been… It makes for a very arousing entertainment…

4 responses to “#746) Lesbian Slumber Party”

    • Bogie, KK’s bottom fluctuates some; it can get quite large, I agree with you. JLo’s bottom was very substantial in her fly-girl days. She has since trimmed it down. Ben Affleck gets to enjoy a very athletic, round, callipygous posterior that should be replicated in bronze and on-display in art museums. I agree, merksmith, “a goddess” worthy of ass worship!

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