#747) Sorority Rushing, Pledging, and Hazing… Oh My!

As long as I’m rewriting my life in the fantasy form of “what might have been,” there was another opportunity to explore my bisexual side, one that I now wish I’d taken advantage of, wonder about…

In college, there were sororities on campus. The fact is that I never considered joining, it seemed like a slightly older version of the Girl Scouts.

Fact: the girls in the sororities were all facially cute, with bodies that were the Barbie-doll-like ideal, whose politics were all quite conservative, and whose dispositions were all perpetually and permanently sunny. Fantasy: the girls didn’t base beauty on the usual standard and weren’t so conservative as to keep them from “dropping trou” for photographic documentation of what they really found attractive, as pictured above.

Fact: I saw the notice for Pledge Week on campus bulletin boards, scoffed at it, and never gave it a second thought.

Fantasy: I rip-off the paper tab at the bottom of that notice, clean myself up in my best preppie attire with so much make-up on, it looks like I applied it with a trowel, and attend Rush at the appointed time.

After several cups of the spiked punch, I scare up the nerve to talk with a sorority member with a name tag saying, “Misty” on her breast. After a lot of small talk, I ask what’s been on my mind the whole time.

“So… do you still… haze… pledges… in the traditional way…?” I’m pleased that I don’t stutter too much accomplishing this, but can’t keep my face from blushing crimson.

“Do you mean… paddling?” she smirks.

“Yes… among other things…” I can’t meet her gaze as I reply.

“No, they passed laws forbidding it, as a matter of fact,” Misty responds. “…You seem… disappointed in that answer…” she adds.

“No, no… I was just curious. Thanks, and… nice talking with you!” I excuse myself and circulate around the party. But I can’t help noticing that Misty is making the rounds among other sorority sisters, whispering in their ears, pointing at me…

Misty returns to my side by the punch-bowl, and she’s smiling mischievously. “Of all the prospective pledges, my sisters and I think you are the best! We’d like for you to join us upstairs. I don’t think you’ll be sorry. Interested?”

I nodded and followed her up the banistered staircase.

Behind the closed door of the bedroom, Misty introduces me to two other sorority sisters, but I’m too nervous to remember names.

“We hear that you were inquiring about the paddling ritual,” one of them states.

“I was just…” I stammer.

“You don’t need to make excuses,” she cuts me off. “You were just interested in the most fun, if clandestine, part of our organization…” again, my eyes drop to the floor in embarrassment. “You showed the initiative to ask, so we thought we’d give you the answer you deserve…”

The three of them start taking off their clothing. I know that curiosity killed the cat, but it’s getting the better of my pussy, and I join them. They make a game of it, the spanking that is. I’m not the only recipient, but I certainly get the most of it. With my appetite for corporal discipline sated, other appetites arise, are acknowledged, and are addressed. I discover that I have a natural talent for cunnilingus that I never knew I possessed.

I’m almost convinced to join this house, but concern for my reputation holds me back.

“Are all of your… activities… lesbian-related?” I ask.

Knowing glances are exchanged among the Sapphic sisters.

“Oh no. Come back tomorrow night at eight; you’ll see an entirely different game being played…”

I get dressed, attend my classes on very little sleep, think about nothing else besides the sorority for two days, and return promptly at the appointed hour at the sorority house door.

Misty answers my knock, wearing a cute sailor’s jumper for a top and nothing else. She shields her bare pudendum until the door is closed.

“You’re not a member here yet, so you’ll only be able to observe tonight…” she says, leading me to another large room.

“Observe… what…?”

Misty opens the double doors to a candle-lit ballroom. I recognize the sisters I spent the night with along with about seven others, all identically attired. I recognize the captain/quarterback of our school’s football team, naked in the center of this bevy of half-bared beauties. Misty scampers to take her place in the circle that surrounds Jack Waggoner, but she doesn’t kneel like all the rest. She seems to be in charge, directing Jack’s gaze with her foot toward the sister in need of his attention. That sister pulls the chain leash she holds, a leash attached to a collar around Jack’s neck. If he was the leader on the gridiron, he is the slave in this game. Between Misty’s urging foot on his neck, and the pull of the leash by one girl at a time, Jack’s face is soon buried deep in ass-crack, his tongue busy in vagina. Some sisters are serviced just the once; some draw his attention back for repeated appreciation. The scene gets me hot. I have to touch myself. When all of the circle-jerks are satisfied, and I’m near climax, Misty calls a halt to the proceedings.

“It looks like you’ve been naughty,” Misty says to me, as women depart giggling and talking, and Jack is left to get re-dressed and skulk away.

“I couldn’t help myself…” I reply.

“Yes, you could have, but you didn’t, and now I think another spanking is in order…”

“Yes, ma’am,” I reply with head bowed.

“By the way,” she whispers into my ear, “you eat pussy so much better than he did!”

I brighten at the compliment. “Yes, ma’am, thank you, ma’am,” as she leads me back toward her boudoir.

8 responses to “#747) Sorority Rushing, Pledging, and Hazing… Oh My!”

  1. Looking at the photo at the top of this blog, I have an overwhelming desire to spank the girl with the really pale bottom who is looking behind her.
    Sophie x

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  2. one of my greatest fantasies is to be spanked by a woman beyond my limits and then to bring her to “toe-curling” orgasm(s). I never would’ve been on the football team but I sure would’ve been on the sorority team!

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  3. Jean Marie,

    Like you, I had little interest in real life fraternities and sororities. But I’ve had a particular fantasy going for decades.

    The real part is I happened to walk by a sorority and see Laura and Samantha, two friends from high school who were dressed up walking up the stairs. I’d had a brief and awkward fling with Laura, tall, dark haired and busty, in the 9th grade. I’d always liked Samantha, blond and creamy, with a penchant for red lipstick that stood out among our extended group of friends – but had never approached her.

    I ask them what they’re doing and hear they’re preparing to initiate the plebes. I ask if the still paddle them. Laura says no, they’re not allowed anymore, but they’d BE HAPPY TO PADDLE ME! I blush. Samantha says, Oh come on you’re not afraid of a little spanking, are you?

    Nervous but intrigued, I follow them in. They take the ceremonial paddle off the wall and take me upstairs where the strip me naked and instruct me to stand in the corner with my hands on my head. Then I’m told to kneel on the bed and they take turns with the paddle. It hurts like crazy. I yell and then I cry.

    Laura pushes me onto my back, tells me to shut up and mounts my face. I hope you’ve learned to lick a girl’s pussy properly she says. I don’t hear anything after that as I’m engulfed between her legs. I kiss, l lick, I suck gently – she comes, catches her breath, then grabs the paddle and gives me three more hard swats.

    Then Samantha does the same, with the principal difference being I am totally swallowed by her big bottom.

    The two then decide I am the ideal candidate for an improved initiation ritual. The plebes need to learn to control wayward, ill-mannered boys. So each is required to paddle me, then demand a proper pussy licking.

    Initiation night was memorable, and painful, indeed. But it didn’t end there. I am appointed the sorority houseboy, and required to serve the members on a daily basis for the duration of the semester.

    Oh, and one more thing. In contrast to lucky Jack in the story above, I claim I can lick pussy as well or better than any lesbian. Happy to enter a contest to prove it.

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