#750) Face-Sitting 101

Along with the two biggest events in a young woman’s life, losing her V-card and her anal cherry, I think the next most important rite of passage is the first time you sat on a man’s face. (For us spankos, I’d say that it is the first time you got an adult spanking, but, unfortunately, we only make up a small percentage of the entire population.) These events are like the sexual equivalent of where you were when the 9/11 attacks occurred, or for the previous generation maybe where you were for the first moon landing or JFK’s assassination.

I imagine this third event was similar for many of us. We had just recently had our pussies licked, and the boy encouraged us to take this act to the next level. I remember Jack animatedly describing what he wanted me to do for my first face-sit. I was nonplussed, nearly dumbstruck.

“Won’t it suffocate you?”

“If it does, I’ll die happy! No, seriously, I’ll send you signals when I need to breathe. Let’s try it…” he enthusiastically encouraged.

Above is a wonderfully evocative photo of a woman about to enjoy this act. It doesn’t look like her first time; she looks practiced. She doesn’t need to be talked into it; she’s taking the lead and directing the action.

“Okay… I want you to lick me for all you’re worth, lick me until your saliva and my jism combine to completely soak my panties! Then you’re gonna pull my panties down and get right in there deep, get your nose right up my rosebud, get… Ooooh, I can’t talk about it anymore; I’m too excited. Get busy!”

(In my post about sorority rituals, #747, I got SO MUCH email and comment response, I realized that this is a favorite form of foreplay for many people, even for confirmed spankos like myself. So, I decided it needed its own post.)

(I want to share something funny from my perspective now. Whenever I’m about to post something that isn’t specifically Butt Stuff, I have this little pang. There are blogs out there that started out as sexy spanking sites, but, over time, have evolved into these mild-mannered, non-sexual forums about backyard gardening and antique shopping. I don’t want that to happen here! I enjoy this place being where I go to let my sexual demons out, where things are raunchy and as scandalous as this platform will allow. So, I just had that pang about this very sexual topic because it isn’t purely about the butt. I talked myself down because it is “butt adjacent.” I want to keep the tone around here specifically about butt stuff, or at least butt adjacent. That sounds like a good motto to live by; Keep it real, keep it about the butt, or at least butt adjacent! [I hope you are giggling now, as I am!])

10 responses to “#750) Face-Sitting 101”

  1. I’ve never had a girl sit on my face. I need to rectify this at some point.

    Regarding whether or not face-sitting should be on here, I’d say it’s close enough to the topic at hand. After all, analingus is a thing.

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    • This confession stunned me, Guason! You strike me as quite worldly, I would’ve thought you had a girl on your face back in high school, as a prelude to getting down to other matters. YES, “rectification” is definitely called for ASAP, post haste! (I’m giving lots of avenues for puns in this reply, whomever wants to take advantage…)

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      • You know, it’s funny. I had a girl in high school swear that I must have slept with at least someone because I “just seemed like it”. I didn’t lose my virginity until I was 20. The past nearly six years have been quite transformative!

        I have however stuck my tongue in a woman’s anus before. Raw. Unplanned. Granted, this was at an orgy so I imagine she probably cleaned it beforehand but it only later occurred to me what I had done. Honestly, didn’t mind at all! So there’s definitely that.

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      • Yup. Slept with two people’s wives. One had an IUD which meant I was allowed to be in her without protection. I was very appreciative of the experience and thanked her while we were having sex because she was one of the prettiest women I’ve ever been with. She pulled me closer and said, “You can thank me by filling me!” This was the same one whose anus I tongued. I also flogged her while she was having sex with another guy.

        If I had the choice I would have slept with someone much sooner. I was actually the first of the boys I knew to be interested in girls. Didn’t know how to talk to one to get to that point but I was certainly interested.

        So it just occurred to me I might be able to fix my lack of face-sitting experience. I’m seeing a domme tomorrow and I’ll bring it up. I don’t know if I want to do it tomorrow during my scene with her but I definitely can ask!

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  2. I love the idea of a girl sitting on my face while I enjoy the view of her responding to “the lash” – of my tongue.

    It has never happened. I have hinted, and suggested, and more… – nothing. A vigorous “lashing” in other positions, sure. But not that one.

    The only reason I can think of is that a couple of girls told me they don’t care for cowgirl because it is too much work for them – “Let him do all that!” Maybe this is also the case.

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