#752) National Denim Day

God bless America! At times, I disagree with the course this country takes, but today I celebrate all that is right with it. Any country that would choose to honor blue jeans with a special day is just Alright with me! Better than alright, it’s “G-R-E-A-T!” (in my best Tony the Tiger voice).

Isn’t this poetry in motion? I submit to you that this short clip is absolute beauty defined.

The ex-History teacher in me wants to lecture about how denim was discovered by Levi Strauss for gold miners to wear while on their knees panning for the glittering metal. It was a durable pants material, so the knees wouldn’t wear through (which, as you can see at left, is now all the fashion).

I used to wear skin-tight jeans, as is modeled in several of these photos, so tight that I had to baby-powder my body, that I had to lie down flat to start pulling them on, that I had to bounce up and down to get my bottom in them, that I had to pull up the zipper with a pair of pliers! (And that I had to trim my pubic hair down so as to not get it caught in the zipper, and I’d bet that several of these photographed women had to go through these extreme measures, too.)

The trouble with skin-tight jeans (besides what I just outlined) is that they hurt like the dickens to pull back up after a butt-blistering!

Michael Masterson of Real Spanking Institute is famous for paddling girls’ bottoms so hard, it leaves sit-spot bruises like these. The owners of these three butts got the first round of wallops across the seat of their jeans; this is the result.

Compare that spine-tingling photo with the sublime-transcendence of this unblemished, fair to the point of alabaster pale exquisiteness of this shot. But, I digress into discussing butts when this post is about denim; so sorry!

The ONLY thing that outdoes the absolute beauty of that video clip of a pair of jeans being shimmied-into is the rapture in watching a comely lass lower her jeans for you… Can I get an Amen? Can I get three cheers for denim on its honorary day?

4 responses to “#752) National Denim Day”

  1. When I was a young lad, the gals in Texas would put on their tight jeans in the afternoon while they were still damp. By the time the dance started, they were dry and fit ever so tight. Getting them off required a team effort. So I heard.

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