#753) An Important Advance Notice

Robert just came home from work with LOTS of tremendous news.

First, he just got a promotion. The poopy-head didn’t even tell me that he was being considered for this, which he’s apparently known about for over a week.

Second, he wants to take me on a Christmas vacation trip (so I’m not mad any longer about his not informing me about the possible promotion)! This trip would not be business-related, purely for pleasure! Once again, he wants to plan this with some surprises, so I’m leaving it all up to him. I just wanted to tell you that I will be away sometime over the holiday. He wants us to be completely off-grid, so I don’t think I’ll be posting anything here during our trip. When I know more details, I’ll tell you more.

For now, I hope you’ll join me in celebrating Robert’s accomplishment. (The above graphic was as close as I could get to this.)

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