#754) Olfactory Sense-Memory: The Sublime and the Ridiculous

Jessica sniffed her fingers for the umpteenth time. She’d washed her hands, but she could still smell Penelope there. For the umpteenth time plus one, Jess thanked her lucky stars that she worked as a bartender and didn’t need to show up for work until five P.M. She didn’t get much sleep last night and hoped to catch-up on a few Z’s this morning. Not that Penny got much sleep either, busy as they both were in their first time sleeping together. And not that Jess wanted Penny’s scent to fade from her hand anytime soon. She loved the reminder of fingering her new lover’s tight pussy.
It wasn’t just their first time sharing sex, it was Jessica’s first time with any woman. Jessica was prepared for sex with another woman to be much the same as it had been with all the men she had bedded. Penny’s pussy was much like her own, similar in smell and responsiveness. As confusing as it was for many men, you just popped the hood on the classy chassis, and experimented to see how that particular clitoris liked to be addressed. Much like her own, Jess found that Penny responded to an almost-direct touch, a circular touch around the mons venus. But she wasn’t prepared for how mind-blowingly different lesbian sex was simultaneously, how it wasn’t a yin and yang situation, but rather a yoni and yoni one. Not a competition but a cooperative venture, a melding of their minds as well as of their bodies.
Jess inhaled her fingers’ reminder of Penny’s pussy’s juices once more and hoped it would encourage sweet dreams. She closed her eyes, took some deep breaths, but sleep wouldn’t come to the cum-exhausted girl. Reaching underneath the covers, Jess worked on her own sex manually, wanting an orgasm to rob her of what little energy she still possessed, but even this proved elusive.
It was out of this frustration that an unwelcomed thought pervaded Jess’ mind. In her last heterosexual involvement before Penelope came into the picture, Jess remembered her fingers smelling, too, but not so sublimely. Don was one of those demanding Doms who was much more a selfish bully than he was a sensitive Top. For the umpteenth time, the last time he’d spanked her, Don wasn’t satisfied with using just his hand. He’d insisted that Jess fetch the wooden paddle and really blistered her buns with it. Then, when he entered her roughly, the demands didn’t stop.
“Put your finger up my ass… massage my prostate… that’s it… now, two fingers!”
As with everything, Jessica had complied. Then, as now, the smell had seemed to linger. Jess remembered riding horses when she was an adolescent, and how their smell stayed in her nose long after she’d showered and changed clothes. Perhaps it was all as much a sense memory of each diverse experience, as it was an actual scent. Regardless, Jess picked up her phone and dialed Penny’s number.
“Hi, it’s me… listen, I know you must be rushed, but I had to tell you something… Last night was so special…I know I told you that umpteen times, but I really mean it! …I can’t wait to see you again… and I’ll be thinking about you ‘til then… okay, I’m so glad it’s mutual! …Bye bye…”

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