#755) A Fan-Girl With a Maid (#1 in a Series)

I found my father’s worn copy of the book, “A Man With a Maid,” (actually he had four books in a series in his library). I borrowed it and my life was never the same. The first disciplinary scene, when he’s kidnapped Alice and restrained her, and then whips her bottom with a soft whip sent me into whole storms of ecstatic excitement and then release! To my young mind, he was dealing with a house maid, not the meaning of the word in Victorian England, a young maiden. So I’ve had a “thing” for house maids ever since.

Sometimes I fantasize about being the maid, under the strict orders of my home-owning Master and the Mistress of the estate. Other times, I like to dream of being that Mistress.

I’ve amassed some photos of maids from around the Internet, and want to share them with you in a series of posts.

Let’s start things off with a big band. A maid hasn’t performed her duties up to par. Master Michael Masterson will exact punishment with a switch. She stands bent over and bared in her domicile, the kitchen. Watch him wear the girl out by whittling that switch down to a nub.

More to come…!

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