#756) A Bettie Page Retrospective, Part I

Similar to the literary horizons-expansion of “A Man With a Maid,” my discovery of Bettie Page was revelatory for me.

As you can see from the headshot above, here was a wholesome looking young lady (but she was doing ALL SORTS of non-wholesome things on camera).

As you might know, some of Bettie’s most famous photos, tricked-out in corsets, hose and high heels, opera gloves, etc., were taken by Irving Klaw. As you might not know, some of the naturalist/nude photos of her outside were taken by the lady pictured at left, Bunny Yeager. Both artists worked during the repressive 1950’s.

Quite often, it was made to appear that Bettie was caught by surprise by the camera, giving a voyeuristic quality to the shots.

The camera loved Bettie, and by all appearances, vice versa. But think about it. We don’t know if it’s hot or cold outside for this photo. We do know that she’s only dressed in her underclothes while sitting on a jagged rock wall. She can’t be comfortable, but she always made it seem so. She was the meaning of photogenic.

All of these pics feature Bettie while clothed (although rather scantily). I have a few more to share tomorrow where that won’t be the case.

2 responses to “#756) A Bettie Page Retrospective, Part I”

  1. Furthering the wholesome thought, apparently Betty made many of her own outfits for the photo shoots. Just your regular girl next door… which I believe contributed greatly to her appeal.

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