#757) Paddleball Popularity

The popularity of the sport, Paddleball, is sweeping the world.

Let’s see, a large, lightweight, flat wooden paddle with holes drilled through it… Gee, I wonder if it could be put to other uses… hmmm…

We just joined the masses and bought a game set. I was moved to write to the production company.

Customer testimonial I sent by email to the manufacturer last night: Unlike a ping-pong-paddle that really hurts (it stings so much!) when applied to my bare bottom, your Paddleball racket is the Goldilocks of pervertibles. It stings just right! It makes for a loud, satisfying whacking sound. It stings, but not so much that you can’t take a volley of wallops. It reddens but doesn’t bruise. I liken its popularity to the phenomenon of “The Shades of Grey” books and then movies, in that it provides a compelling introit into S & M light. It is a gateway drug, and I’m addicted! Thank you for producing this fine product! I hope to actually play Paddleball sometime! Sincerely, Jean Marie

2 responses to “#757) Paddleball Popularity”

  1. Boy would like to have been there when that email was opened up!

    Also, I have a feeling someone won a bet with that one. “I bet you someone will use it to paddle someone else.” “You’re on!”

    Of course the next comment was, “I meant outside of the company of course…!”

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