#758) Give It a Rest

She opened her eyes, remembered it was Sunday, and a smile crossed her face. Sunday, a day of rest! Oh yeah, they had run away to their rustic cabin in the Cascade Mountains for the three-day weekend; it’d truly be a day of rest and relaxation!
Jill snuggled against Jay all the closer, spooning her bare bottom against his erect fork of a cock. He stirred. She teased him all the more by rubbing her ass crack up and down his prodigious length.
“Do you wanna?” she whispered over her shoulder.
“What?” he mumbled.
“Fuck, of course!”
“Oh… yeah, sure… let me just get a little inspiration…” he threw the covers off of both of them. It was a shock because it’d been so toasty underneath and it was bracingly cool outside of them.
“What do mean? You’re hard…” she mock-protested. She knew what was coming, and it wouldn’t be her ravenous pussy, at least not right away.
“I just need some… inspiration, as I said…” Jay grumbled as he pulled Jill across his lap. He spanked the pert bottom with a smart slap. “…Some motivation…” He began spanking in earnest.
Jill didn’t mind. Of course, it stung. It would’ve been demeaning with another couple, but both partners cherished spanking as a reason de etre. It wasn’t punishment to them, debasement or degradation. It was their strongest bond. It was, as he’d said while still half-asleep, their inspiration, their spark.
It didn’t take long. Just about ten or twelve stingers and he was throbbing and eager. Jill hated to admit it, but the spanking had made her all the more ready, all the wetter, all the more “motivated.”
He entered her from behind while they lay on their sides, ground into her, fucked her slowly, passionately, getting steadily faster, deeper. She loved this type of intercourse! While slumber still lingered around the edges, making the act dream-like, other-worldly. Jill cried out as the intense orgasm seized her by the throat and throttled her. It left her limp, disoriented.
As she regained full consciousness, she felt Jay pull his unfired, loaded pistol from out of her holster.
“Hey, don’t you wanna join me? I could use another… or three…” she joked.
“You’ll get them,” he returned ambiguously as he pulled on a robe and went to the cabin’s little bathroom.
Jill jumped out of bed and ran to the window. Just as she suspected, about a foot or more of snow lay placidly on the ground, and more was currently falling. That was why the cabin seemed colder. She pulled her robe on, then a pair of his boxers for extra warmth, and began stoking the Franklin potbellied stove.
They cooked breakfast together like two chefs used to sharing a small work-space. Jay deferred to Jill’s expertise in this area, in the kitchen, but nowhere else. He was her Top, and he liked reminding her of this. They moved in harmony, in-synch with one another, reading each other’s mind, anticipating their next move. Which should be no surprise, given the adroit way that they both had just made love.
Although they’d been together for over a year, to an outside observer you might have thought they were newly joined in committed couplehood. They fed one another with their fingers, smiled and talked and laughed as they noshed.
Fortified by the bacon and eggs with a side of pancakes, Jill got up to look for her book. They were snowed-in, after all. Jay had other ideas. He caught her by the wrist.
“I want you, again,“ he growled, and moved to untie the bow of the robe’s cord around her waist.
What, so soon? she thought to herself, then remembered that he hadn’t come. She didn’t really object, though she batted his aggressive hands as he pulled the robe off of her. He seemed surprised to see his underwear gracing her curves.
“You might have asked to borrow these…” he commented, nodding his head toward the garment that she seductively lowered, exposing her bottom to the cool mountain air.
“I might have..” Jill said proudly, “but I didn’t… Want to spank me for it?”
He did, of course. Harder this time, now they were fully awake, fully aware of their still-raging hunger for the other, now that appetites had been sated. He entered her after about the eighth brisk swat from behind, and continued to berate her bottom as he fucked her sex. Jill loved this type of intercourse! Rough, demanding, staccato thrusts made her grunt, the same kind of spanks, rough and demanding, accumulating across her once-fair fanny, made her moan. It was like they were ascending the steep side of a nearby mountain, his insistent prodding urging her ever higher. As they climbed into the thin air, her voice rose in pitch and insistence of its own. She was at the pinnacle, teetering, tremulous.
“I’m gonna cum!” she yelled.
“That’s my good girl,” he responded vocally then with more smart spanks. “Cum for me, Jill.”
“Cum with me!” she implored.
“You haven’t earned that yet,” he replied like some erotic accountant, some sexual scorekeeper.
This statement bewildered Jill, but she was in that befuddled state knowing that a mighty climax was bearing down all around her, like an avalanche about to sweep her clean away. It was long minutes later, when she found herself sprawled across the table, that orgasm in her rearview mirror and another building inside her that Jill returned to it. Jay was still hammering into her loins with his big cock, and hammering out a steady rhythm on her tush with his big hand.
“What did you mean ‘earned’?” she stammered.
He answered her question with a question. “How many orgasms have you experienced in one session?”
“I dunno… ten, maybe… why?”
Jay jackhammered harder, smacked her cheeks more relentlessly. That looming climax overtook Jill, tossing her body about, warping her mind.
When both of these aspects began to function under her bidding once more, she heard her lover enunciate, “Two.”
“…Mercy! …A moment’s mercy, sir… please…!”
Jay pulled out of her and with that bit of distance afforded, appraised the condition of her hind quarters.
“You’re not too red back here,” he commented. “I’ve given you much worse without your…”
“It’s not my seat, it’s my sanity,” she interrupted. She turned around and sat her well-upholstered seat on the rustic wooden chair, the kind the whole cabin was decorated with, which made Jill wince slightly. “Am I to understand that you want to fuck me all day long, to set some sort of record…?”
“We’re snowed-in, got anything better to do?”
“Yeah! I was planning on reading my engaging book while in your arms, taking a bubble bath with you, cook and eat some more…”
After a brief consideration, Jay volunteered, “How about we combine your agenda with mine, make a nice long, leisurely day of pleasuring one another…?”
Her somewhat pained expression relaxed into a benign smirk. Sometimes Jay was like a little boy with a jar-full of captured lightening bugs. She shifted uncomfortably on the hard chair, make that caught bumblebees. More than a mere glow in her hind-end, he was interested in a sting in her tail as though she was sitting on a veritable hive. She loved that little boy, loved indulging him his desires, loved ‘how he shook up her jar’.
“It’s a deal, with the stipulation that we count my first orgasm before breakfast in the total, and that I get to call for mercy, if need be, for as long as I need the respite.”
“Agreed. So, you’re at three total,” he said as he pulled his boxers off Jill and wrapped her in her bathrobe. They read in each other’s embrace, sometimes silently from their own books, sometimes Jay reading aloud to Jill while she cuddled into his hollow-out spaces. Twice during this interlude, he closed the book on reading, opened the one on rough play and spanked Jill as their favorite form of foreplay before coupling. And each time, Jill thought to herself, this is the best, this fuck is my favorite, it can’t get any better than this!
He took her by the hand and led her to the oversized copper tub. While it filled with steaming water, Jill whispered in Jay’s ear, “We’re at seven. Seven glorious orgasms so far today…”
The bubble bath was luxurious, as was the cunnilingus. Instead of crying out to Almighty God as a particularly intense orgasm wracked her, Jill just kept screaming, “Eight!” over and over again.
As every submissive well knows, a spanking on a still-wet bottom fresh from a bath stings especially acutely, which set Jill up for the fucking that followed closely on its heels. Soon Jill was moaning through her ninth.
Still bent over the edge of the tub, still panting as if she’d just run a marathon, still ruddy-cheeked and fuzzy-minded, Jill caught her lover’s gaze.
“Fuck me up my ass this time, Jay…” she sighed.
She didn’t need to say it twice. Her perfect pink pucker accepted his girth willingly. The tightness of the aperture gripped him lovingly. Long strokes in and out of her most private place brought her to the brink of nirvana. This. This is my all-time favorite, she thought. Is that because it’s dirty, even in the bath? Is it because society looks down on it? Is it because it’s so very intimate, raw, unfiltered, pure…?
Then, a seeming disembodied voice was crying out, as a machinegun-like series of climaxes mowed Jill down, “Ten, oh fuck, ten! …eleven, God in heaven, eleven! …twelve, twelve! …Mercy! I’ll lose my mind, stop! …No, don’t pull out, just freeze, hold still, give me a moment, give it a rest…”
They were a tableau of two-fold lust. Jill had been melted down to her essence, a molten form of forbidden fuckery. Jay was finally an inch away from a monumental explosion up this welcoming woman’s rectum. The one weak link was her poor, overworked anus. That perfect pink flesh valve was now a red-hot glowing ember from all the traffic it had policed.
Jay took advantage of the moment to say something he didn’t often articulate. “I love you Jill Louise Matthews…! I love you with all my heart and soul…! I will love you until my dying breath!”
If it was possible, Jill melted still further. But instead of being an inactive puddle, she got busy. She extracted Jay’s cock from out of her butt. She dipped it in the bathwater and gave it a quick rinse. Massaging and pulling gently upon his testicles, she took his length into her mouth, sucked it, tongued it, took it down her throat. Being ambidextrous, with her left hand, beneath the bathwater’s surface, she fingered her pussy. With a look in her eyes as though it’d be her honor to swallow his seed, she looked up at her lover, irises mirroring aureoles. She pulled him out of her throat long enough to implore, “Give it to me…” and took him back down her gullet, sucking and slobbering and making quite a show of her submissive devotion.
“Aaaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhhh!” Jay groaned, pumping jet after jet of spunk directly into his lover’s tummy, bypassing her epiglottis and esophagus, so long was his cock and so deep had Jill inhaled it.
Without nearly as much show, her fingers accomplished their task, and Jill reached yet another climax, barely ruffling the water. But when his spent pecker came out of her pretty mouth, the pretty words followed, “Lucky thirteen… thank you very much… thirteen is the new record high… God, am I high!”
Jay hugged Jill hard, holding the embrace for a long time. He didn’t feel as accomplished with words as her, and wanted this to convey all of his feelings. When he let her go, Jill was surprised to see tears in her lover’s eyes. She kissed him, deeply moved that he was emotional.
To lighten the mood, she chortled, “Now can we give it a rest? I’m fucking exhausted!”
“If you’re sure… I haven’t yet sucked your nipples… or eaten out your ass hole…”
“Let’s take a nap, then consider those possibilities…” she smiled like an indulgent mother of a little boy shaking the jar.

2 responses to “#758) Give It a Rest”

    • I’m going to get graphic. I’ve asked Robert if his cock gets sore from fucking me for such long lengths of time. He says that as long as I keep the hair smoothly shaved from my labia lips, he’s good. I now get my anus waxed regularly with the same thought in mind. If this is TMI, sorry, but I found it interesting, and it does affect my frame of reference in my writing.


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