#759) A Fan-Girl With a Maid #2

(This post spring-boards off of the influential novel, “A Man With a Maid.”)

Today I’m in the mood to be the maid, not the Mistress. I dress in the appropriate livery, enter the Master’s bedchamber to gently awaken him with the soft morning light from the un-draped window. What tasks will he have for me?

He takes me with him to check-into a hotel room. Not just any hotel, we check-into the Pierre, a long established, old school, old-money establishment. Master is going to tryst with his lover, an actual mistress, his mistress and my Mistress. I am there for their amusement. He makes me remove some of my maid’s uniform, then perform errands for him, like going to the hotel’s bar to fetch him a whiskey.

Mistress doesn’t think that I performed my errand expediently enough, so she spanks me as soon as I’ve delivered the libation. She spanks me very soundly. This excites Mistress, so I’m then made to lick her sex. I am dismissed to stand in the corner while Master then makes love to his mistress. The sounds that they make are extremely arousing, but I’m not allowed to touch myself for self-pleasure.

Master takes his leave from his lover, has me re-dress and travel back to the estate with him.

“Please dust,” he instructs obscurely.

“Yes, sir… your quarters, or the guest rooms, or downstairs in the main rooms of the library, sitting room..?”

“All o

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