#761) A Bettie Page Retrospective, Part II

I think I have the tech issues conquered!

I promised to post another installment on Bettie Page. She was so influential on my impressionable mind when I first discovered her work as a teenager. This girl-next-door was comfortable in her nude body, was even into kink, and way back in the ancient 1950’s!

I absolutely LOVE the above two images!

She has the most feminine figure, the perfect posterior! It’s my understanding that both she and Irving Klaw were arrested for shots such as these, not because of the nudity, but because they were sent through the U.S. postal service!

Then, of course, there was the bondage and discipline shots; they blew my mind! It was so scandalous yet so everyday-common-in nature. As if asking, doesn’t everybody tie-up their lover and spank her mercilessly? (The only image I could find to represent this phase of Bettie’s career was from Ebay, as the shot shows.)

EVERY spanko/kinko owes a huge debt of thanks to Bettie Page!

With such notoriety, of course there were imposters. This is not a photo of Bettie. It is not a still shot from the movie, “The Notorious Bettie Page.” It is a model who patterned her look after Bettie’s, and did it quite well!

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