#762) Thinking About My Trip

I don’t know exactly when we’re going, or for how long. I don’t know if we’ll be traveling to warmer climes or colder (or even just the same). I trust that I’ll be informed about these things with enough notice to plan (hint, hint…).

One thing, and one thing only occupies my mind.

I think it is the same thing on these ladies’ minds.

This trip affords us the opportunity to let loose. Being in a foreign place, I’ll be able to be anonymous. I’ll be able to be intimate with my lover while in full public view. I hope our accommodations will feature a large plate-glass window, or even a balcony. And I trust that Robert will take full advantage to push the envelope, to push my limits, to spank me in full view of onlookers, and then to possess me sexually in the same manner (hint,hint…). If I don’t post here after my Estimated Time of Arrival back home, you’ll know that I’m languishing in some jail cell for indecent exposure and public lewdness.

6 responses to “#762) Thinking About My Trip”

    • So far it’s been suggested that we go to some snowy place, which is what I’m trying to escape at home, and this suggestion of being incarcerated in prison & beaten brutally daily. I’m glad you guys are not planning this trip! LOL

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