#763) More Censorship

I read an email sent to me by WordPress at 11:30 P.M. on Wednesday night, stating that they found some of the photos I have posted here in violation of their policy. I have (in the past) asked what that policy is exactly. They were not able to say, stated only that exposed vaginas or anuses would be improper. None of the seven photos that this most recent email addressed did that. I have deleted the photos they found offensive, as well as others that might be construed as offensive, as they asked in this email. This was done by the early hours of Thursday the 8th so as to show good faith. But this REALLY demoralizes me!

2 responses to “#763) More Censorship”

  1. When censors can’t define the specifics of what offends, it leaves only the subjective. I suspect that is the true nature of what you are seeing… contextual vs content. The intellectually equivalent argument of “because I said so”. Is it fair or reasonable? No… but it is their sandbox. We’re left to go get our own, find another whose company we like better, plot a sandlot mutiny (those haven’t worked too well in the past), or just have FUN swinging ’til you’re out of strikes.

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    • You are dispassionately correct, and when I digest & process it all, that’s where I hope to land. I like your last phrase to “have FUN swinging ’til I’m outta strikes.” Thanks!


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