#764) Taking My Temperature

Sometimes I write a story on Word, change it to “plain text” on Notepad, and copy and paste it into WordPress as my next post. But when I want to intersperse photos throughout the piece, instead of just before and after at the top and bottom, I need to write the story extemporaneously directly on my blog page.

This latter approach was what I was doing yesterday in a sexy post (#759) about a maid dusting. Nothing happened when I tried to publish it. So I created a chat with technical services at WordPress. There only remedy was to clear my cache (whatever the hell that means). I researched the steps and performed this process. I was then again able to publish, but the entire second half of a fun story was lost. Having dealt with the laborious tech issue, I did not have the time or energy to rewrite this tale. Feeling defeated and demoralized, I simply summarized the plot in post #760.

Over the past eleven months since I started blogging, I have had a continuing loss of ability to perform tasks here on WordPress. I cannot comment on my writing until a reader does so first, for example.

Having gone through the process of having this blog labeled with a “mature content warning,” I was very surprised to get an email from the Automatic Trust and Safety Department about five months ago, saying that a number of the photos I’d posted were judged to be pornographic, in violation of the platform’s standards, and that unless I deleted many photos, my blog would be suspended/frozen/defunct. I did abide by their demands, but asked to know their policy on porn. I had to email them four times in order to get a response. Their response was to say that the policy was whatever they deemed to be in violation, that they did not discuss it. Their policy is purposefully vague, so they can interpret matters in any way that pleases them. Apparently my chatting with them yesterday allowed them to see my site, and they emailed me once more last night, making the same demand about seven different photos “and anything else on the site that could violate the policy.” I again complied, but this really destroys my soul.

I pay a large sum of money for the service of having a platform for my blog. My writing feeds my soul, though I have received NO financial renumeration from my work here. I think WordPress customer service stinks! When I deleted the many photos they demanded to be removed last night, I asked them once again to spell-out exactly what they will and will not allow.

I will keep on keeping on, as I look forward to a little break with a trip over the holidays. But I psychologically feel like I’m curled into a fetal ball, saddened and sickened by recent events.

3 responses to “#764) Taking My Temperature”

  1. I pay a large sum of money for the service of having a platform for my blog. Free works just as well. Reserve another blog, under a new name. Don’t ever contact WordPress, that will only invite scrutiny. Pictures are machine scanned and suspect ones are flagged.

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