#765) Coconuts

April booked her trip to the South Seas island resort for lots of reasons. She needed to avoid the onset of winter, she needed to forget about her break-up with Chad, and she needed to overdose on these coconut alcoholic elixirs. God, they went down so easily and numbed all her brain functions so effectively!
She found a place on the beach shaded from the sun (being a fair skinned redhead) that was near the bar. It didn’t take long for men to notice her. Most of them Alice could scare off simply by looking straight through them with her icy stare. But one guy proved more tenacious.
He was old, for God’s sake! Old enough to have while hair, even his chest hair was grizzled. And he had the most intriguing ice-breaker of a come-on line.
“I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts,” he sang.
April’s ears perked-up. She didn’t catch all the lyrics in the next verses, something about “large one, small ones, some as big as your head… in a row” or something.
She smiled up at him from her lounge chair.
“Not a bunch, just the one,” she returned and held up her drink.
To which the old gent leveled his gaze at April’s tits in her bikini top.
“Nice one,” she said and smiled more broadly. She switched the coconut to her other hand so as to offer her right. “My name’s April.”
“Zeke,” he replied and shook her hand.
“Is that short for Ezekiel?”
“You don’t encounter many Zeke’s these days.”
“And I don’t encounter such lovely tits often these days,” he smirked. “May I join you?” his head gesturing toward the next lounge chair.
“Please… and thank you for the compliment, on my tits.”
“You ought to be careful, April, there are coconut crabs down here. They’re also called robber crabs, very strong, especially their pinchers. Your lovely coconuts could attract them, in large numbers, late at night. I’m a light sleeper. I could keep watch, keep any crabs off your tits, all night long…”
“That’s the best offer I’ve had in a long time,” April laughed with sincerity.
“Before… I commit to the whole night… could I ask you a favor?”
Bemused, April smiled and nodded. She was secretly wondering if the old codger was any good in bed. She didn’t want to acknowledge this to anyone, even herself, but she still thought it. Zeke suddenly seemed reticent. “Anything…” she said to encourage this smooth-mover over his onset of shyness. “Go on… believe me, Zeke, I’d say no if I wanted to… I’m enjoying our conversation…”
“Could you stand up so I could see your ass? So many women who have lovely tits have flat asses! I’m more of an ass man than a tit man, actually…”
She couldn’t believe that she was acquiescing, but as she did, April reciprocated, “Tell me something, Zeke, do you need Viagra to get it up?” She turned and gave the geriatric a good look at her goods.
“Not with an ass like that!”
“That’s the nicest thing any man has said to me in too long a time!” April enthused before waggling her ass at Zeke and then sitting it back down on her lounge chair. “So, you think my butt is in danger from those coconut crabs?”
“I wouldn’t put it past them,” Zeke replied.
“But I just have a tiny single room here, it’s expensive,” April countered. “We won’t be very comfortable cramped together in bed.” She wasn’t really entertaining the thought of sleeping with Zeke. It was just innocent teasing, he was giving as good as he got in their repartee.
“No problem,” he replied, “I’ve got a huge suite with two queen sized beds…”
“And no queen that you’re not telling me about…?” April asked.
“No, she passed away years ago.”
“Then why have such a lavish room?”
“I like my creature comforts, kind of gotten used to them… see, I’m stinking rich.”
“Oh, I see… not just rich, stinking rich…?”
“Yep. When it totals more than a few measly hundreds of millions, it gets classified as ‘stinkin’, that’s the rule.”
“I see, I didn’t know that,” was all April could manage. She let it all sink in, eventually ventured, “So, you’ll keep those dastardly crabs off me all night long… what do you expect of me in return?”
“Well, it was you who brought up the subject of sex, asking me if I needed pills to get it up, young lady… but, to be completely honest, the thing I enjoy just as much as any sex act is spanking a nice round ass like yours…”
April couldn’t help but let her mouth drop open.
“Now, see, I’ve gone and offended you… I’m sorry, I just…”
“No! No, you did not offend me, Zeke… I’m just… amazed! I’m very submissive… with the right guy. I’m down here on vacation trying to get over a bad relationship with the wrong guy… The only thing we had going for us was the incredible ways he used to come up with to punish me…”
“I see…” was all that the nonplussed Zeke could come up with.
“Is that an erection I see tenting your swim trunks?”
“Well, what do you expect? Talking about spanking and sex with a lovely young lady…”
“Would you be willing to wear a condom on that erection, Zeke?”
“I’d insist on it,” he responded.
“And you have condoms in your suite?”
“More than we’ll be able to use in one night,” he smiled.
“Is that a challenge, Zeke?” and they laughed. “What’s that line from that classic movie, ‘Casablanca’?”
They said the line in unison, “Louie, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”
April finished her drink and took Zeke’s arm. They returned the coconut to the bar, not knowing if they were recyclable. She expected him to escort her to a penthouse in the resort tower, one overlooking the ocean instead of the parking lot, as hers did. But instead, he walked her to an exclusive bungalow, where there was plainclothes security patrolling.
April worried about Zeke’s health, but she didn’t want to say anything. She just suggested he lay down so that she could do all the work. She took both of their swim suits off, took a condom from his hand, and rolled it onto Zeke’s erection, then mounted him in the reverse cowgirl position. As she sank her wet, inviting sex down over his, she sighed, “Like my ass as much unclothed?”
“You weren’t wearing that much before, but yes, it’s a marvelous ass!”
“I thought this position would be best, in case you wanted to spank it…”
Zeke surprised April with how strong the swats were right from the start. She gasped, then rode him faster as he throttled her tush. She half-expected him to lose his erection part way through, but he rose up to meet her downward thrusts and fucked her vigorously until they both stiffened in release.
She cuddled with him afterward, complimenting him on his form, thanking him for the pleasure he’d bestowed.
“What was the name of that idiot you just broke-up with?” he surprised her by asking.
“Well, know that he’s a fucking fool! Don’t turn that in on yourself!”
“Thank you for saying that…” she said through the sudden appearance of tears.
“Tell me something else,” Zeke said, wanting to change the subject, “was that about as hard a spanking as you could take?”
“It was a really nice one! I’m all glowy!” But seeing that this didn’t answer his question, she added, “I’ve had harder, with implements, I like leather belts and straps… and I can take more…”
“How about tomorrow, we test your limits with my belt…?”
“I’d like that, Zeke.”
“And how about today I take you out shopping for a pretty evening gown and some jewelry so I can take you out to dinner to a nice restaurant tonight?”
She kissed her affirmative answer, but when their lips parted, said, “You know you don’t have to…”
To which he responded, “You know I really want to…”
That is what they did. First showered together, then went shopping in extravagant boutiques, then to dinner at an exclusive restaurant where the prices were not listed on the menu. Then they slept in their own separate beds in his suite, where Zeke successfully kept all crabs away from April’s nude body all night.
When streaming sunlight awakened the two, she crawled into his bed.
“Want me to suck you?” she intimated and started down under the bedsheet.
“No. I want you to get the belt out of my pants and bend over the corner of that desk for a whipping.”
“Yes, sir,” she gleefully obeyed.
He leathered her bottom very expertly, very soundly, then slipped his manhood into her from behind and proved that he could fuck quite well standing up, thank you very much. This time he gave April two orgasms before succumbing himself.
In the shower together, as he soaped up her body, Zeke remarked, “Oh, I’ve marked you! Your bottom is quite bruised!!”
“I know, it feels glorious!”
“But we’ll have to get you another bathing suit. That tan string bikini will show that you’re marked…”
“I want to show it off. I want everyone to know that you marked me as yours!”
“You are mine,” he returned. “I’m proud to show you off as such!” As they embraced, his soapy finger slipped up her soapy behind. Not just a little way, his finger found her rosebud and parted the petals to assess the tightness of the bud.
“Oh!” April sighed, then exclaimed, “Oh!” as his member was roused to new life. “Would you like to…?”
He didn’t let her finish the question, he just turned her over and exposed the pink blossom as he reached out of the shower stall for a fresh wrapper for his cock.

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