#770) I’m a Tree-Hugger and Deforestation Is a Serious Environmental Issue, So My Idea of a Hellish Heaven Is This Man with an Unlimited Supply of Switches

(I posted a short clip of Michael Masterson switching a slender maid. Here is a bigger bottomed sub getting a harder lesson.)

10 responses to “#770) I’m a Tree-Hugger and Deforestation Is a Serious Environmental Issue, So My Idea of a Hellish Heaven Is This Man with an Unlimited Supply of Switches”

  1. Is it obvious that after I got over feeling sorry for myself yesterday, I licked my wounds (and licked my fingers and jilled-off repeatedly) and wrote to my heart’s (and clit’s) content? It’s true, that’s how I spent my day. On Jimmy Kimmel’s TV show, he has a segment called “This Week in Unnecessary Censorship.” That is how I feel about WordPress and their so-called policy (that isn’t)! There was a news story that the Iranian morality police may have been disbanded; but they merely moved over to WordPress and continued their unwarranted attacks.Clearly, I haven’t finished processing things; more to come…


  2. A hellish heaven you say? I’m reminded of Georges Bataille’s idea of limit experiences. Essentially, when it comes to extreme sensations, there’s a point where you cannot tell where pain ends and pleasure begins (and vice versa). Anyone into pain play (which of course includes spanking) knows this experientially but it’s fascinating to think about. Much earlier in history, the Marquis de Sade declared that murder is an inherently sexual act as it mirrors the primal passion and actions of intercourse.

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    • I always smile with recognition when you comment, Guason! First, I’m familiar with a study where they had the faces of women masochists visible to some researchers. The women’s other ends were alternately pleasured sexually or spanked. Researchers could not tell the difference in the women’s facial expressions. Second, I JUST finished writing a story about hot and cold sensations, it’s called “Sensation Play,” and will probably be posted Monday. SO often you will comment about something I’ve just been focused upon as well!


  3. I’m a tree planter. I planted 6 Salix alba (Common or White Willow) trees this week, amongst other types of trees. Salix make wonderful switches. It is nice to see that my work can be put to such good use 🙂


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    • When I was growing up, there was a huge weeping willow in the backyard. I convinced a girlfriend to see what the branches would feel like. We stripped off two branches of leaves, stripped off our underwear and gave each other some stripes. I still remember the welts fondly! This was considered childhood foolish experimentation, but it was the blossoming of my sexuality. I only recently experienced the feel of a hickory switch whipping. How are these types of trees different from the Common White? Know that you are doing God’s work, sir; I salute you (with underpants pulled down)!

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  4. I love the colors and tone of the first photo; the beautiful greens and gold tones of her skin.

    I did HATE her shoes. (And why is she wearing shoes and nothing else?)

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    • I didn’t even notice her shoes until you pointed them out! Are they leopard print?
      I DO like only wearing high heels and nothing else. I’ve gotten good “feedback” on this look in the past…
      Thanks for commenting, A.J., as always!
      Jean Marie


      • It’s not so much that she was wearing high heel shoes (I have it on very good authority they can put your “ass on a pedestal”) but that it is an ugly shoe, a platform high heel I dislike, and an ungainly six (more?) inches high. While I like to see women in high heel “fuck me pumps”, I don’t think shoes in the “very high heel” category are attractive. Or safe.

        Maybe I need to get out more often….

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