#771) Christmas Is Coming

I do not want for anything.
I am well fed, indeed I have to watch what I eat so that I don't gain weight.
This is not true for many in the world,
who do not get basic nutrition daily.
I have a roof over my head, heat and light at the flip of a switch.
This is also not true for others.
I am thinking about Ukrainians in particular, 
half of whom do not have this.
My basic civil rights are guaranteed,
now I'm thinking about Iranian women.
I'm healthy and happy.
I have a job to provide a good income,
activities like this blog to give my life meaning,
and a lover who provides for so many personal needs,
intelligent conversation,
fulfilling companionship,
frequent spankings
and incredibly satisfying sex.
On top of all of this,
we are about to take a trip, a luxury,
icing on the cake, to get away,
to be together,
to eat out, and under special circumstances,
get to enjoy those four personal needs I listed above.
I don't want for anything.
Although this blog has a readership around the world,
I bet that you don't either.
Thank you, God, for another amazing day!

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