#773) Foxes

I can never tell what post will strike a responsive chord or why…

My last post featuring an inquisitive fox got a great deal of attention both on the comment section and directly to me by email.

So I’m posting another shot. The man above discovered three fox kits abandoned by their mother, so he raised them. Now he has three lifelong friends.

I bet he pets them each daily. This attention keeps them friendly. I bet that their fur is soft and luxurious. I bet he hand feeds them, often with scraps from his table. They know and appreciate his sacrifice. I imagine that those foxes have gotten into a lot of mischief around his house, but I bet that the man feels it is all worth it. Winning the trust of a wild fox is really something, to say nothing of three of them. They don’t call them “sly” for nothing…

Want to pet my fox?

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