#774) Nature Girl #1

True to form, some of my more vocal readers are weighing-in on where Robert should take me on our upcoming trip.

One suggestion from the opinionated is for us to go to a cold climate, perhaps for snow skiing. But I’m something of a nudist! I mentioned that I hope our hotel room affords the chance to be exhibitionists by having a balcony…

Both of the ladies featured above look a little ridiculous, more than a little uncomfortable, with bare butts and lady-bits hanging out. I don’t want frostbite on my butt or coochie! I don’t want to have to be spanked JUST to keep the circulation going in my hindquarters!

Another option is the beach, but if that beach is located in a cold clime, we have the same problem. This lass is so unprepared for the weather that she’s barefoot!

I think I’ll leave the snowy environs to Santa and his elves. I want to go somewhere that’s conducive to being naked! Thanks anyway to those who wrote in saying this; fortunately I have more influence on Robert than you do.

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