#775) Nature Girl #2

I naturally gravitate to a warmer spot for my vacations. I’d rather take clothes off if I’m hot, not have to put layers on when cold. The painting of the flower-child above is more my style.

THIS is what I’m talking about; balcony to show-off on, warm enough to feel comfortable nakey!

The seashore offers possibilities (as long as we take precautions to block the sun’s rays, which can be reflected off water, and are therefore stronger there). I LOVE the beach, but with a stipulation. I was once fortunate enough to spend the night in a ritzy beach home in Santa Barbara, California. It was lovely, but I didn’t sleep a wink all night. My mind kept waiting to hear the next wave crash onto the shore. So we’d have to be insulated from the sound if right on the water. (I’m strange, I know!)

Another option is the mountains. There can be some incredible views afforded there, as you can clearly see in the above photo. This raises another point for discussion, but I’ll tackle it in the next post…

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