#777) Nature Girl #4

Okay, last post on this subject (I think). But something came up while I was cuddle-conferencing with my lover. He was half-asleep, and I was mentioning my likes and dislikes for input on our upcoming trip. The topic of camping came up. I’ll make this quick…

Look at the above photo. It does a tourism bureau-quality great job of advertising the splendors of camping, in my opinion. Fresh air, picturesque view, pristine environment, wholesome existence at one with nature, lots of places and chances for spanky/sexy play… BLAH! BLECK! SPITOUIE! I’m not buying ANY of it; I HATE camping! As has been said, my idea of roughing it is ordering room service at the Ritz-Carlton! What’s your problem? you may be asking…

I don’t like to pee/poop in the woods! I don’t feel clean, and this girlie-girl likes to feel clean. I know that they have things like are pictured above, so-called “showers.” That’s COLD water raining down on her. Her feet will still be muddy afterward, with leaves and twigs sticking to her body. And her private places still won’t seem/feel/be really clean!

I KNOW that the above image is alluring, but it’s fake! Spanking and fucking can be fun outside, but not if your privates stink. (I’m self-conscious if they’re mine, and I’m turned-off if they’re his.) It’s more compelling in your mind than it is in reality.

So, to keep readers from suggesting this, I headed the idea off at the pass, both here and with Robert in bed. Speaking of which, this topic wasn’t the only thing that “came up” during our cuddle-conference, so I’m going back to bed!

7 responses to “#777) Nature Girl #4”

  1. I love camping. But then again, my camper van does have a toilet, shower, kitchen with a cooker and a fridge, a fixed double bed, hot and cold running water, blown air heating and a fixed double bed. It feels like luxury compared to my younger days, in a tent 🙂


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  2. Jean Marie, like you I hate the idea of camping! I have never camped and hope I never will. Why sleep on the floor in a field when there are perfectly good hotels with beds and all the mod cons? They, the ones who do it, must be stark raving mad!!
    Sophie x

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  3. Irene and I met when we were guides for an outdoor company, and we had a lot of great experiences in some pretty cool places. But there was usually water around so we could bathe and stay pretty clean.

    The first time I licked her pussy was a warm night on a sandy beach. That might have been the moment that sealed the deal for us.

    But just to be very clear, regular sweaty body odor and an aromatic pussy are turn ons for me. It’s only #2 cleanliness that would be a concern.

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    • I like Napoleon’s advice to Josephine when he was two days away from reuniting with her, “Don’t bathe!” The muskiness is appealing, the smell from behind is not, and that, as you correctly surmise, is the concern.


  4. My wife and I have camped for all our long relationship. A funny event was years ago when we grabbed some afternoon delight in our small tent. After we emerged we saw that the neighbors had left their spare firewood for us. We wondered if they had seen the “ten toes up, ten toes down” sticking out of the tent or heard the sounds of lovemaking!

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