#780) The Only Present I Need This Christmas

I need for nothing, and feel blessed to be able to say that. But Christmas time is when I’ve usually gotten myself a new pair of winter pajamas. (I don’t often wear anything to bed, but some nights are just so cold, I like to have one go-to pair of PJ’s, and mine need replenishing.) My boyfriend said he wanted to get me these as a Christmas gift, so he needs some instruction.

The two models above make their pajamas look alluring, but both are very impractical. These PJ’s are all-one-piece. One has to take them completely down to go to the bathroom, or for any other nocturnal activity. Unfortunately, most “footie” PJ’s fall into this category, too.

Drop-seat PJ’s would seem to be the solution, but are actually not. They make these so form-fitting that the rear opening is not truly big enough for going to the bathroom, or other things where access to the vagina is needed. It’s a cute idea that doesn’t really work.

This is more like it; this style is what I’m instructing Robert to look for. Warm material, two-pieces with separate top and bottom, easy access for whatever situation might arise. And wouldn’t you know it; I like to wear mine to bed in exactly this manner, with some parts hanging out (to tease and tantalize)!

This gets to the larger issue. I need for nothing in the physical world, but I need my lover’s help in being his “good, little girl” often in life. What I need is frequent stern talking-to’s, the humiliation of being told to lower my knickers, the ignominy of assuming “the position,” regularly scheduled spankings AND surprise punishments to keep me guessing, corner-time when appropriate, and, of course, lots of make-up sex post-punishment.

So, in this season of giving, I hope that my loving Top can find it in his heart to give me everything I need…

2 responses to “#780) The Only Present I Need This Christmas”

    • Functional ease of access is great, but I’m not willing to sacrifice form-fitting sexiness. Still, the image of holding the gown up, gathered under my chin, as my lover prepares to punish my exposed bum is a nice one!


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