#781) Full Circle

I was talking to a dear friend; she shared the fact that she was corporally punished at school growing-up. It sent my mind reeling.

Imagine that you are a “sixth former” which in the English school system is for pupils about seventeen and eighteen, like seniors in our system. You have been a habitual offender, called up frequently in front of the class to have your skirt lifted and have the seat of your knickers paddled soundly with the plimsole slipper. This hasn’t cured the problem, so an assembly of the entire school is called. You are brought out on stage, instructed to face away from the audience, bend over, where your knicks are summarily lowered. Between your legs you see friends and foes alike staring avidly at all your charms as the headmistress lectures. Then “six of the best” are applied with a cane to your proffered buttocks. You try not to cry out or cause a fuss, but by the end are sobbing and begging for mercy. Funny how this act became so prominent in your fantasy-life.

A little more than a decade goes by. You’ve met a wonderful man, an American fascinated with all things British. You find yourself bare-bottomed and bent-over in the center of his living room. He’s wielding a rattan cane (quite expertly, you note). What was supposed to be a sixer continues with twice as many stripes, but now you are not complaining. Amazing how the passage of years has changed your paradigm. What was once a horrific incident has now become the sexiest thing you could share with your lover. Maybe that’s because you know the “afters” will be exceedingly sweet. “Afters” are what you both call the after-effects of the caning, your aroused sex, his equally erect member, the joining of the two, the joining of you two. Life has a funny way of completing a full circle like that.

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  1. My naughty girlfriend hid the thermometers that I use to take her rectal temperature. I demanded that she show me where she hid them or I would purchase a huge new one! I used them to take her anal temperature when she is tardy for her spankings. She doesn’t like having a thermometer inserted in her ass. She is always wet on arrival despite being late. I tell her to go upstairs where I have a wooden kitchen chair and a mirror. I have her remove her jeans and I pull her over my knees. I have her lube my thermometer by inserting in her talented mouth. Sometimes I use her dripping pussy juice to lube the thermometer! I pull her panties down and place the well lubed thermometer in her plump ass. I also have mirror in place behind her round bottom to get a nice view of her punishment and upturned ass. I guess you can call it a rear view mirror! Afterwards her panties are removed and she will be tied to my spanking stool and caned for her offense.I tie both hands and her waist. The mirror is moved so that I can view her face from begin and make her look at me during her caning.I leave enough room for a blow job break because I become aroused and hard. I don’t tie her legs because I have a finale. I will then finish the deed by taking her bottom until I make an anal cream pie. Lol

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      • I’m perhaps the rare American who loves the slipper. In my history it’s been an old- timey elegant, leather soled ladies slipper snatched off a kicking foot and applied the the seat of a beautiful silk dressing gown purchased for just such a sophisticated upending.
        In my mind she was getting “ what her father should have given her a long time ago”: she was dressed like a member of times- gone- sophisticated society in her deco boudoir getting spanked like a misbehaving “ child”. Kicking the other slipper off in absolute astonished, embarrassment. Ending up barefoot and bare bottomed, both her face and bare bum ablaze and bright pink. Then I drove the lesson home with the flat of my palm, taking her kicking and promising to another level. Humbled by the loving lesson that “ you’re never too old for a good, old fashioned spanking” has we been anywhere other than a 100 year old hotel room, I would have stood her up and exclaimed,” Now go to your room!!!” Instead she went to the corner and looked absolutely beautiful. Yeah. Slippers and old fashioned embarrassment. An intoxicating admixture.

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  2. I enjoyed this story inspired by your friend’s real life account, Jean Marie. Maybe she will go on to reveal more stories from her schooldays???
    Sophie x

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